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Gender Diverse Makeup is the New Face of Beauty, But Are Brands Doing Enough?

We surveyed 481 millennial and Generation Z women to find out their thoughts on the beauty industry’s perception of men that wear makeup. Are beauty brands doing enough to attract men to their products, and are they celebrating gender diversity by promoting their products to all genders?

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Lip Filler is a Big Business, But How Do We Really Feel About It?

With this surge of lip filler procedures, which can clearly be detected in a majority of today’s Instagram influencers and beauty YouTube stars, we turned to the Perfect365 app’s audience to see how they felt about lip fillers.

A little over 1,000 women participated in the lip filler survey in the Perfect365 app, giving us a glimpse of what digital beauty fans think of the minimally invasive lip fillers that celebrities and influencers pout with on the red carpet and daily social media posts. Download the report to find out the surprising survey data!

How CVS’ New Unaltered Image Policy is Influencing and Changing Old Standards

For decades, advertisers have bombarded consumers with highly Photoshopped and retouched images of dangerously thin, well-endowed women with flawless skin, pouty lips and perfectly styled hair – and then passing these images off as the norm. However, traditional attitudes around beauty – and related images – might be changing due to stores like CVS banning altered images in their ads.

Download the report to read the results of our user survey and find out if the next generation of beauty buyers will put an end to the use of unaltered images for beauty brand advertising.

What is driving the sales of counterfeit cosmetics?

After police seized $700k worth of counterfeit Kylie Cosmetics in Los Angeles’ Fashion District in April, it got the attention of beauty lovers around the globe, but apparently not enough heard the terrifying news about the contaminants swimming around in the samples that were tested.

We surveyed 5800 women to examine if they have purchased counterfeit cosmetics, where and what they purchase, why they purchase, and if they are aware of the risks.

Digital Accessories Try On

Perfect365, a Webby award-winning augmented reality app, with 100 million users worldwide, is now able to allow eyewear and jewelry providers with the ability to enable virtual try-on prior to purchase.

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Successful digital beauty marketing campaigns

Established beauty vendors and newcomers are leaping over tried-and-true marketing practices and launching creative campaigns through Instagram, Twitter and YouTube that target new and desirable markets.

In light of digital technology’s expanded and growing role in digital beauty marketing campaigns, click below to access our article of nine of the most creative examples of this in action.

Digital Accessories Try-On Survey

A survey of 3,695 beauty consumers, conducted by Perfect365, indicated that the vast majority of users would embrace augmented reality as a way to help inform their buying decisions when shopping for accessories that include sunglasses, earrings, necklaces, and scarves, among other things.

Download the report to find out how shoppers are embracing AR for accessories purchases.

How L’Oreal, LVMH, Coty and Shiseido are changing the face of the beauty industry

The beauty industry is leading the way in the omni-channel shopping existence that is adopting augmented reality, or AR, into their digital experiences. This technology allows the beauty buyer to swipe through an endless catalog of makeup, including lipstick and eyeshadow shades for virtual try-on via a live mirror or a photograph.

Download the full report for insights on how four prominent companies are investing in accelerator programs with the world’s best start-ups.

Diversity in the beauty industry

We surveyed 3,500 women that use Perfect365 how they felt about diversity in makeup and whether enough is being done, by brands, to ensure that all customers can access products that complement their skin tone perfectly.

Download the report for insights on what women think of today’s current beauty brands and the percentage that think brands aren’t doing enough.

Perfect365 white label solutions for businesses

What if your customers could try on makeup from your website, or an in-store virtual mirror kiosk? And, what if you had your own branded app that allowed your customers to engage and explore makeup with virtual try-on all from the phone? Now, Perfect365 will offer custom branded solutions for virtual try on.

If you are interested in learning more about how Perfect365 can help you to develop your own custom AR integration, please fill out the inquiry form today.

L'Oreal buys ModiFace

Makeup brands that are not under L’Oréal’s brand will need to find another AR solution to replace it. And, those not currently using AR, will need to jump onboard to stay competitive.

If you are interested in learning more about how Perfect365 can help you to develop your own custom AR integration, please contact a business development rep through the inquiry form today.

Perfect365 can provide customer insights using in-app surveys

With the Perfect365 survey platform, you can get answers and research stats within 3-4 days, get responses from thousands of millennials and Generation Z beauty buyers and develop your own customized questions.

Interested in learning more? Download our report to see how Perfect365 is helping businesses gain insights with user surveys.

The evolution of the selfie

With thousands of selfies uploaded to Instagram every second, we just had to ask our users: How do you selfie? A survey of 12,000 Perfect365 app users between the ages of 15 – 55 shows that selfies are not fading away anytime soon.

Download the full report to find out how many survey takers use the Perfect365 app to enhance their selfies, which celebs give them the most inspiration and more.

Do beauty consumers prefer cruelty-free products?

Perfect365 surveyed 17,000 app users between the ages of 18 – 34 about awareness of cruelty-free brands and their views on the Hawaii and California Bill proposals that would end the sale of beauty products tested on animals, starting in 2020.

Download the report to find out if Millennials and GenZs prefer cruelty-free beauty brands and which brands rank amongst their favorites.

Macro vs Micro influencers

In one of our recent user survey polls, out of 1200 millennial and GenZ women, only 8% of them claimed they were influenced by celebrities when it comes to purchasing lipstick. But, 19% of the same group said they’d buy a lipstick recommended by an online beauty influencer.

Download the report to find out which influencer is right for your digital marketing strategy.

Survey results show less beauty consumers will try makeup testers

In a recent study, 63% of makeup consumers said they wouldn’t use a tester lipstick in a store for fear of germs and contamination. While the idea of getting an infection from using a product that someone else has used might sound like an urban myth, the reality is entirely different. So how can makeup artists help their customers try without fear?

Download our report to find out how Perfect365 is addressing these concerns.

How To Effectively Market Beauty to Millennial Women

It is widely acknowledged that you need to take a different approach to market to millennials. This generation has grown up with the internet, using social media regularly and they are much less willing to be ‘sold’ to than their parents and grandparents. They are also fierce consumers of beauty products. We examine how you can use augmented reality to successfully market to millennials.

Download this informative report to find out more about how AR helps you target millennials.

How women buy lipstick

The millennials and Gen Z demographic are most likely to trust a friend’s recommendation and a social media influencer and are immune to pretty packaging and celebrities to persuade their beauty purchase.

Download the report to find out how consumers lipstick buying habits are influenced.

Why Snapchat may not work for digital marketing

Snapchat is one of the hottest trending social media sites right now, but when considering the platform from a digital marketing perspective in the beauty industry, there are some clearly outlined challenges, especially when it comes to providing information on products shown on a single snap slide.

Download the full report to find out why Snapchat may not be the best marketing strategy for your business.

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