If you’ve already used the Perfect365 app to try on color cosmetics, you may already be aware that the app is so much more than just makeup looks. Our Slim Face, Lift Cheeks and Enhance Nose tools have been improved to create a subtle and realistic look to enhance your latest selfies. To learn how to use these features, keep reading on!

How to slim your face

Face Slimming Perfect365 App

If a thinner you was one of your new year’s resolutions, perhaps you are curious to see what your “after” photo might look like after your success. We have just the trick to instantly transform your selfie to reveal a slimmer jawline and neck. In the example above, the right side photo shows the intensity bar at 100%, but you can slide the bar down to create a more subtle effect. Just tap the button below to try out this amazing transformation tool!

TIP: These tools work best when you have a front-facing photo with very little side angle shots.

Cheek lift: Just as you do with the face slimming tool, you want to slide the intensity bar to adjust how lifted you want your cheek area to be.

Enhance nose: This tool does not alter the shape of the nose, but it does add contouring on the sides of the nose to create a slimming effect. Lighter skin tones need less of the contouring than darker skin tones. Just use the intensity bar to adjust to your desired effect.

What are you waiting for, hit the button below to try it out!Launch Perfect365

Take a moment to watch our step-by-step video tutorial on how to use these features! 

What do you think of our face slimming and contouring features in the app? Is there any feature that you’d love to have in the app? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!