It’s perfectly natural to think of professional athletes in a less-than-beautiful state. That’s not a criticism whatsoever – merely an observation that we typically see in athletes, male and female, pushing themselves physically, sweating, breathing heavily, etc. These are people who should look somewhat disheveled if they’re doing their best! However, sometimes the fact that this is how we typically envision athletes obscures the reality that many of them have quite a bit to offer from a fashion and beauty standpoint. Just like other celebrities – actresses, singers, models, or whomever else you may follow – pro athletes can ultimately inspire your own efforts.

Dozens of women would easily be mentioned here, but I’ve selected four to get you thinking….

Gabby Douglas

1. Gabby Douglas

Gabby Douglas is in an interesting position on a list like this because she actually plays a sport in which makeup is part of the action, in a way. While some have chosen, ridiculously, to debate whether or not makeup has a place in sports in general, it’s understood that it is encouraged in gymnastics, as it plays into an athlete’s overall presentation. Thus, Douglas can sometimes put forth some gorgeous, inspiring looks even while she’s competing! Douglas has spoken in detail about her makeup routine, including what she wears, how she layers, and even some of the specific products and tools she uses (such as a Gillette Venus Swirl razor). It’s always a treat to see how this athlete presents herself from one appearance or event to the next.

Alex Morgan

2. Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan is one of the best soccer players in the world and an extremely accomplished one at that. She’s also known for her beauty and fitness, however, and if you read up on her tips and tricks, you’ll find she does it all with a refreshingly straightforward routine. Granted, Morgan is naturally gorgeous, but she talks about simple things like the regularity of manicures, the importance of towelettes while traveling, and things of that nature. So when you watch Morgan, try to imagine what about her look could come from simple products and practices. Sometimes it really doesn’t take too much!

Serena Williams

3. Serena Williams

Serena Williams seems to get more impressive with each passing year. In 2018 she came back to professional tennis gradually after giving birth to a daughter in the fall of 2017 and winding up in critical condition in the aftermath. And she’s already just about back on top. While the 2018 women’s tennis season has essentially come to a close, you need only look ahead to 2019 to see evidence of her continuing supremacy. Tips and odds for sporting events are available well in advance, and as soon as they’re out for the January tournaments you’ll see Williams at the top. And through her constant grind to remain the most dominant tennis player on Earth, Williams always looks absolutely glorious – on the court and off of it. She also clearly gets a lot of joy out of beauty and fashion, which means it’s actually quite easy to find interviews, tips, and recommendations from her regarding her whole beauty routine.

Lindsey Vonn

4. Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn is a particularly interesting case, and not just because she can finish an Olympic competition looking like she just walked off the front page of a fashion magazine. Rather, it’s because of the nature of her sport (and by extension her training and lifestyle). Vonn is one of the best skiers of the modern era, and thus, as you might imagine, she has some winter beauty tips that are well worth reading into if you live somewhere the weather grows particularly cold – or if you like to ski yourself! Her specific efforts are fairly straightforward – exfoliating, lots of moisturizing, etc. – but reading through it all, it’s clear she actually does quite a bit particularly to keep her skin in good shape with all the cold, dry weather she experiences.