Perfect365 Users Can Now See First-Hand Which Hair Extensions Fit Their Unique Face Prior to Purchase

(FREMONT, CA– Dec 5, 2017) Perfect365®, the Webby-nominated, free makeup and beauty platform loved by celebrities and more than 100 million users that is leading the digital beauty evolution, today announced a partnership with Kylisstof, a leader in seamless, clip-in hair extensions. Under the partnership, Perfect365 users are now able to try on 12 different hair extension looks within the app that vary in length, color and texture.

For most women, picking the right hair extensions involves detailed research to find the right one, but there is no easy way to make sure they choose the right texture, length, and color that gives them the natural look and length they desire. Despite this, some of the best hair extensions are found online, which makes trying them on prior to purchase impossible. Due to the longevity and frequency of use, high-quality hair extensions are considered an investment for women, so finding the right one the first time can make all the difference. Now, with the advancements in face technologies and the improved capabilities of augmented reality, virtual try-on can provide women with a realistic view of how hair extensions can transform their look. Through this collaboration, Perfect365 users can get exposure to some of the highest-quality seamless hair extensions on the market, in addition to being able to try on 12 different hair extension looks, including textures like straight or wavy, different color shades, and lengths. Additional styles and colors will be introduced in the upcoming weeks on an ongoing basis.

For best results, Perfect365 users should use a picture of themselves that shows their full head down to slightly below the waist to properly display hair extensions up to 22 inches long.

“Historically hair has been a source of creativity, empowerment, and strength for women. Having the ability to add length and depth to their hair can be a dream come true, especially for women with thinning or thinner hair. Having the ability to try on hair extensions prior to purchase can change a woman’s life.” said Cara Harbor, Director of Marketing, Perfect365. “We are excited to continue to extend our capabilities into the hair industry and allow millions of women to experience the difference Kylisstof hair extensions can make.”

Kylisstof Hair is a newer player in the popular and growing clip-in Remy hair extension market. Established through its founder’s quest to develop the highest quality, all-seamless clip-in Remy hair extensions for finer hair types, Kylisstof strives to help all women achieve the hair of their dreams through wearing the highest quality, all-seamless, clip-in human hair extensions available at a price that makes sense.

About Perfect365

Perfect365 is one-of-a-kind because it uses advanced Face Detection technology that allows for the most accurate virtual makeup placement possible, both on photos and in live video. As a result, any makeup design looks realistic because the app knows exactly where eyeshadow should be applied, how to contour the cheekbones, where to place eyeliner, and now even where to apply lashes. With more than 200 one-tap makeup looks, over 20 customizable makeup and tweaking tools, Style it! clothing and accessory recommendations, hairstyles, and step-by-step tutorials for recreating looks in real-life, Perfect365 has become the go-to app for selfie, makeup and fashion enthusiasts around the world.

The app has become the makeup and entertainment industries’ fully customizable digital platform, allowing users to try on looks from GSN’s hit TV show Skin Wars, Universal’s The Huntsman: Winter’s War, and Sony’s Pixels. Users also benefit from the app’s “try before you buy and apply” digital makeup looks from top brands including celebrity makeup artist Susan Thompson’s eponymous label, Michelle Phan’s beauty box ipsy, and the fast-growing indie label Nudestix.

As a part of its commitment to building a leading beauty platform for consumers and businesses, Perfect365 seeks to actively engage in partnerships with beauty brands, retailers and artists. For more information about product partnership opportunities, please contact