Happy Small Business Saturday! Supporting small businesses is an amazing part of any country’s economy. It can be the start of a brand that one day makes it big like TheBalm or it can continue to be a small boutique catering to a specific fan base. These brands maintain a crafted, handmade type of feel that can bring so much community together around similar values, interests and skin concerns. These brands are also more informed about consumer needs and offer unique and innovative formulas and products that larger name brands or generic brands would not consider making.

Many larger brands often get inspiration for new types of products and ingredient combinations from smaller businesses. Below are five of the best eco-friendly small businesses who cater to those who love all things beauty and self-care. The next time you’re looking for something to enhance your beauty routine or looking to replace a current product with a healthier version, consider purchasing from one of these awesome small businesses before going to the mall.


Living Blessed –  Not only does this organic beauty brand produce exquisite and delicious oils for the lips, skin, and hair, but it also has a lot of heart. Not only do they of a very sustainable and conscientious business model, but all the sales go to supporting their local economy in Southern California and the community, especially since they only staff local people with developmental disabilities to manufacture their products. Their Osculatus Naturae Lip Care Rollerball which contains a rich amount of rosehip seed oil makes your lips feel super hydrated and petal-soft.


Royal Sense – this brand is the best when it comes to creating the most ultimate, therapeutic, and safe rose water made from Bulgarian roses in Bulgaria. Their website has extensive information about their manufacturing process and why they choose the roses that they do. Their Feel Better Now spray can be used from head-to-toe and also contains an energetic charge that is immediately calming and pleasant once you smell the rosy aroma. This spray is  also safe enough to consume internally, great for refreshing your face Hella hot summer day, as well as setting your makeup for the day.


SW Basics –  This minimalist organic skincare brand is committed to creating a better planet, stepping it up from most other brands these days by also only using fairtrade ingredients, ensuring fair labor practices and wages to those who create the products for the company. The ingredients themselves look good enough to eat and smell. The next time you are looking for a safe and gentle facial scrub, toner, or moisturizer, look no further! Their Makeup Remover and versatile Cream moisturizer feel amazing on skin and are super nutritive!


Saribelle – This brand was created by a mother who used to suffer from eczema and wanted to create a sensitive skin care line that was safe enough for both her and her daughter to use and enjoy together. The brand is partly named after her daughter, Sarit and “belle” means “beautiful” in French. The products themselves are pleasant to the touch and smell and are made with skin-loving ingredients like calendula and aloe vera. This company also steps it up by giving a portion of their sales to the Audrey Hepburn Children’s house which helps Children suffering from neglect and abuse. Their Oil-Free Blemish Gel and Therapeutic Mud Mask are fan favorites.


DAB Herb Makeup – There are many cco makeup brands on Etsy, but this particular company stands out because of the high quality of not just the ingredients but of the pigmentation of the makeup itself. There is a very full-range of makeup products that you can choose from concealers and foundations to brow colors and mascara and everything else you could think of. They read very well on the skin and on camera and have amazing ingredients that nourish the skin and truly deliver on performance.  Some of their fans’ favorite products are their Organic Eyebrow Grower with Tint, Organic Herb Mascara, and Organic Petal Translucent Powder.


Make a difference and remember that the supply is always made to meet the demand, so be purposeful in what you spend your hard-earned dollars on and demand more high quality, safe, and healthy beauty products that offer variety, so that we all can have more choices for what we put on our skin and in our bodies!  Have fun shopping out there!