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An Augmented Reality Ecosystem for Beauty Retailers

While m-commerce and e-commerce are rapidly growing, the majority of beauty shoppers still have an in-store touch point in their conversion process.

Perfect365 PRO allows retailers to leverage augmented reality technology across all business channels to consistently elevate your customers’ experience.

Experiential Marketing and Active Digital Engagement

Retailers can leverage the Perfect365 PRO platform with over 100M existing clients or utilize our white label solution.

  • Our mobile app enables your Beauty Advisors to initiate a remote interaction with clients, thereby creating a compelling reason for the client to come in-store and/or utilize in-app purchasing. Custom created AR looks can be sent to a customer’s phone and then tried on live via transforming their phone into an augmented reality mirror.
  • Elevate the in-store experience by providing a fast and convenient option for Augmented Reality try-on. With a Perfect365 PRO kiosk, customers can quickly try on several products or looks helping to streamline the makeup shopping process. Clients can also readily try on product not yet available; and of course, this is a viable option for clients whom are reticent to use in-store traditional testing vehicles.
  • Online: Enhance the buying experience and reduce returns on your dot-com channel. Allow online shoppers to try on looks or products remotely and therefore have a realistic idea of how a product looks on them. Increase time spent on your site and increase the average shopping cart while decreasing the percentage of returns.

Enhanced CRM

Increase the data available on each client to better serve them. With the CRM built into Perfect365 PRO, Sales Associates are able to benefit from many convenient tools at their fingertips.

  • Face charts are automatically generated and duplicated in the app-both the Beauty Sales Professional and the client will receive a copy of the look with the associated product in each look. These looks are accessible for future reference in the client’s profile.
  • In-app communication allows the Beauty Advisors to initiate and manage appointments and text conversations-keeping them separate from personal appointments and texts.
  • Potential for API with your current CRM system and future AI capabilities.


Increased Digital Exposure

Your Store and Beauty Advisors can be a part of a professional beauty community with Perfect365 PRO.

  • By creating a digital portfolio under their own profile, the beauty professional’s looks can be seen by both new and existing customers and, of course, tried on via Augmented Reality mirror.
  • Clients can initiate interactions by asking questions, requesting looks or appointments directly from Beauty Advisors.
  • Completed profiles and portfolios create additional opportunities to be found via location based searches for Makeup Artists and/or Stores.

Real-time Data and Analytics

  • Managers and executive level can access corporate reporting via a customized dashboard to monitor in-app activity of employees.
  • Product assortments can be edited from season to season.
  • Employee access levels and account profiles can be added and removed as needed.

Leila Aziz Presents at WWD Digital Forum

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