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The Retail Beauty Industry

Augmented reality (AR) is impacting industries all around us. Apple’s new ARKit, bringing advanced AR capabilities to iOS

63% of Consumers Will No Longer Use Store Makeup Testers

The hygiene of store makeup testers has been a hot topic of discussion over the past few months.

Kim Kardashian's Flawless Comes Courtesy

Kim Kardashian wrote the book on taking selfies — quite literally (Selfish comes out May 5, 2015) — so it’s no surprise that she has more than a few tricks up her sleeve to achieve a flawless pic.

Celebrity Makeup Artist Kabuki Partners with Perfect365

The digital makeup app, Perfect365, Inc., has announced its partnership with celebrity makeup artist, Kabuki.

Perfect365, Inc. Partners with HOT TOOLS

Now Women Everywhere Can Try-On Hair Styles with HOT TOOLS Appliances Using Augmented Reality

What is Perfect365?

Perfect365 is the most popular makeup and beauty platform in the world, loved by celebrities and more than 100 million users. Using the app’s amazing technology, makeup enthusiasts can virtually try on looks created by pro artists, brands, and the Perfect365 Beauty Squad and digitally experiment with new colors and styles before applying them in real life. Perfect365 ignites creativity by connecting our users with top beauty YouTubers, fashion designers, makeup brands, and celebrities, then inspiring them to create their own looks with dozens of virtual makeup styles and unlimited customizable colors.

What is Perfect365 PRO?

Perfect365 PRO is a platform specifically designed for makeup artists to be able to communicate more efficiently with their clients, develop looks for them prior to real-life application, and manage and organize client profiles. Consumers are able to find makeup artists (including brand specific artists) in their geographical area or communicate with their existing makeup artist. Providing the client with a realistic view of what makeup will look like on their unique face helps the MUA to set realistic expectations for their clients. Perfect365 Pro is designed mainly for brand counter artists and freelance/event artists, but beauty influencers can also use Perfect365 Pro to create amazing looks.

#1 Digital
Beauty Platform

Perfect365 is the most popular makeup app worldwide


100+ million users have downloaded Perfect365


Perfect365 is the most popular makeup app worldwide


8 million makeup looks applied every day

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