Q: I'm having trouble moving the key points. How do I move them?

A: We recommend using the pinch gesture to zoom in to the desired key point to make it very clear exactly which point you’re trying to move. When the whole image fits in the screen, the key points can be very close together and difficult to individually select.

Second, you need to tap and hold the key point for a couple seconds until the magnifier appears just above your finger.

Q: How do I download new looks?

A: Go to one of the Hot Styles sections and on the left you’ll see an arrow pointing down saying “More”. Tap on it and you’ll be able to look through different styles from Artists, in the New and Popular category, and more.

From the Studio screen, tap on “Me” in the bottom of the right corner. Then go to “Style Settings” and you’ll be able to choose which styles you would like to show or hide on the list.

Q: How do I share my pictures?

A: Tap the save button in the upper right corner and you’ll be taken to the share screen.

You can select which social network you want to share to from the share page and even select multiple networks at once.

After selecting where you want to share it to, you can edit the text for a personalized message to go with it. When you’re finished, press “Post” and you’re done.

Q: Where can I purchase high resolution output and other features?

A: To purchase high resolution output and other great features, go to the Perfect365 Shop from the Home screen. You are also given the option to purchase when you save an image.

Q: How do I use manual face detection?

A: In some photos, a face cannot be detected at all. Often, this is due to poor lighting, faces not properly angled toward the camera or other issues that will result in poor quality results with the photo even if it does contain a face. Often, the best option is to select Back and use a different photo. However, you can optionally use the manual face detection feature to see if the picture can be made to work reasonably well within the app.

Tap and drag to draw a circle around where the face is and press OK when you’re finished.

The app will then place key points roughly where the facial features are. Move each key point into the proper position as shown by the on screen guide when tapping and holding the point. Getting the points into the exact spot is easier if you zoom in first.

Q: How do I change my hair color?

A: Scroll all the way to the right and the section “Hair” will be at the end. Tap on the icon “Hair Color” and you’ll see the available hair colors.

Q: How do I adjust hair pieces?

A: You can adjust hair styles by clicking on the purple four-way arrow icon in the upper right hand corner. A box will show with four arrows to help you move the hair style. Drag the arrows to adjust.

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