Mavis, America’s sweetest vampire from Hotel Transylvania has popped by the Perfect365 app with three adorable looks to try on! Even our #VIP365 beauty influencers joined in on the fun and created their own makeup and digital Mavis looks for their social channels.

Mavis Hotel Transylvania Look

Mavis Hotel Transylvania Look

Mavis Hotel Transylvania Look

If this doesn’t get you in the Halloween mood, we don’t know what will! Our #365VIP influencer Meli Angel created a gorgeously goth Mavis look that was well received by our Instagram community:

Now it’s your turn to try the Hotel Transylvania looks!

We tried on the app version of the Mavis looks ourselves, and we love the instant transformation!

Krista Robyn McAulay wearing the Hotel Transylvania Mavis look

The Mavis look includes her hair, makeup, eye color and flower accessory!

Now it’s your turn to try the Mavis looks at home! Simply launch the Perfect365 app, and find the Mavis Hotel Transylvania 3 look on the home page banner carousel and tap to begin! Don’t forget to tag us in your social posts so we can see them! #perfect365 @perfect365_official

Want to see the movie? Hotel Transylvania 3 is now available on as an HD Digital Download and will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray on October 9.

Stay tuned for our amazing Halloween looks, launching next week! Check back on the blog for updates.