Leading Augmented Reality Beauty Platform Will Become the First to Offer In-app Crypto Experiences to a Primarily Female User Base

MENLO PARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Perfect365®, the Webby Award-winning, augmented reality beauty platform with over 100 million users, is excited to announce the integration of Kin, the cryptocurrency for consumer apps. Through the integration, Perfect365 will become the only AR beauty platform offering native ways to transact with cryptocurrency.

Expected within a week, users will be able to natively earn Kin within the Perfect365 app and spend it on premium Perfect365 features. As always, Perfect365 users will still be able to experiment and engage with complete beauty looks, using Augmented Reality within the app, from well-known beauty brands, including NYX Professional Makeup, HOT TOOLS, ipsy, Sony Pictures, Anna Sui and many others.

Currently, males comprise the majority of cryptocurrency users, and women’s lack of inclusion has been duly noted. In a recent Perfect365 user survey, only 12 percent currently own some form of cryptocurrency, yet 42 percent are interested in it and 34 percent have plans to acquire it. A recent article in Forbes stated only five percent of cryptocurrency enthusiasts are women. Although the number of women involved in cryptocurrency is on the rise, there has yet to be a platform to bring cryptocurrency to women on a massive scale. With an audience made up of 92 percent women, Perfect365 will be the first AR beauty app to bring cryptocurrency to a female audience, which was previously overlooked in this emerging economy.

“The Kin Ecosystem continues expanding across exciting categories of consumer apps, and integrating Kin into Perfect365 allows us to introduce cryptocurrency to an untapped demographic,” said Dany Fishel, president of Kin. “We look forward to uncovering more unique and meaningful use cases for Kin as we work toward achieving our goal of becoming the most used cryptocurrency in the world.”

Perfect365 users will be able to earn Kin on the Perfect365 platform by answering survey questions. Additional opportunities for Perfect365 users to earn Kin, like creating and sharing makeup looks, will be added in the coming months. Together, Kin and Perfect365 will continue scaling the integration to provide users with additional experiences powered by Kin. For more information about how to earn Kin in Perfect365, please visit www.perfect365.com/kin-cryptocurrency/.

“From its inception, as the first platform to introduce Augmented Reality to the application of makeup, Perfect365 has focused on being a trailblazer and introducing new technologies and features that benefit its users and brand partners. Now, as the first AR beauty platform to introduce Kin’s cryptocurrency, we are bringing more value to our audience in allowing them to become active in the new economy of the future,” said Sean Mao, President, and CEO of Perfect365, Inc.

How it works:

Registered Perfect365 users will be able to earn Kin by answering questions with the Perfect365 community, and eventually, by creating and sharing looks. Kin will be available for a test group of Android users in the U.S., India, U.K., Canada, and Australia. The rollout will continue through next month until 100 percent of users in each country are able to access Kin. To learn more about Kin, visit https://kinecosystem.org/.

About Perfect365

Perfect365 is one-of-a-kind because it uses advanced Face Detection technology that allows for the most accurate virtual makeup placement possible, both on photos and in live video. As a result, any makeup design looks realistic because the app knows exactly where eyeshadow should be applied, how to contour the cheekbones, where to place eyeliner, and now even where to apply lashes.

With more than 200 one-tap makeup looks, over 20 customizable makeup and tweaking tools, Style it! clothing and accessory recommendations, hairstyles, and step-by-step tutorials for recreating looks in real-life, Perfect365 has become the go-to app for selfie, makeup and fashion enthusiasts around the world.

The app has become the makeup and entertainment industries’ fully customizable digital platform, allowing users to try on looks from GSN’s hit TV show Skin Wars, THE LOOK ALL STARS, Universal’s The Huntsman: Winter’s War, and Sony’s Pixels. Users also benefit from the app’s “try before you buy and apply” digital makeup looks from top brands including celebrity makeup artist Susan Thompson’s eponymous label, Michelle Phan’s beauty box ipsy, Ardell, Chella, HOT TOOLS, and the fast-growing indie label Nudestix.

As a part of its commitment to building a leading beauty platform for consumers and businesses, Perfect365 seeks to actively engage in partnerships with beauty brands, retailers and artists. For more information about product partnership opportunities, please contact bd@perfect365.com. For more information about makeup artist and indie brand partnership opportunities, please contact beautysquad-artists@perfect365.com.

For more information on Perfect365, high-res images, and screenshots, please visit http://www.perfect365.com/press/. The app is available for iOS (iPhoneiPad) and Android (phone and tablet) devices. Follow @Perfect365 on Twitter, @Perfect365_official on Instagram and at www.facebook.com/Perfect365 on Facebook.

About Kin Ecosystem Foundation

The Kin Ecosystem Foundation is a Canadian nonprofit corporation established for the governance of the cryptocurrency Kin and is tasked with growing an open ecosystem of digital services. The foundation will oversee the Kin Ecosystem on matters, including the development of the Kin Rewards Engine, membership, security, and the ecosystem’s transition to a fully decentralized model that operates independently of Kik. For more information, please visit https://kinecosystem.org.