Long gone are the days where people can say that vegan makeup brushes are inferior to animal fur brushes. The big argument back in the day was that because of the proteins in animal fur, it could pick up powder products most effectively. Older version of vegan brushes primarily made with nylon did decently well with picking up and applying cream and liquid products, but when it came to powder products, they just fell flat. Thankfully with technology and experimentation, the addition of fibers like taklon give both the soft feel of animal fur as well as the pickup power for powder products–and we can have it all in the world of green beauty and safe cosmetics!

As a working makeup artist for the past 8 years (6 of those being strictly eco-friendly and cruelty-free), I have tried vegan brush after vegan brush, searching for the perfect set of brushes to complete my collection and complete a full face of makeup with confidence. Below are some of my absolute most favorite vegan makeup brush brands and specific brushes I use on all of my bookings. You won’t be disappointed!

100% Pure Makeup Brushes
100% Pure Cosmetics

This brand is well known for their organic makeup and skincare but little do people know that they offer a very beautiful brush line. The 100% Pure Cosmetics brushes have super soft synthetic bristles that are both pleasant and gentle to use on the skin and stand up to professional standards. While their brushes are marketed to more novice users, their brushes are well-packed and not sparse like other cheaper brands of makeup brushes. These brushes are very good at picking up powders as well as creams and liquid formulas.

Standout Brushes: My favorite brushes from this line are the E40 Cruelty-Free Crease Brush and the E30 Cruelty-Free Flat Shader Brush.

EcoTools Vegan Brushes


A possibly even more popular vegan brush line, EcoTools, can be found in almost every drugstore in the U.S. This brand is a convenient way to get vegan brushes into the hands of those on a budget. And they often come in sets, so they’re also very friendly to makeup newbies who want to get brushes and help the environment. Their handles are made of bamboo and their bristles are also soft to the touch, though somewhat coarse with certain brushes. They aren’t as densely packed as professional brushes, but they get the job done and are a great introductory set for young women starting out with playing with makeup on themselves.

Standout Brushes: The Full Powder Brush is a great setting brush for pressed and loose powder and the Classic Foundation Brush is very good for laying down your base makeup if your foundation is a cream or liquid one.

Cozette Vital Red Collection Vegan Makeup Brushes


Now for a makeup brush line made for professionals! Cozzette was founded by Roque Cozzette, a vegan himself, and with the intent of making each brush feel like a true paintbrush, hence the tapered ends, which is unique to his brand. The tapered design of the handles is meant to be more ergonomic, convey an artistic purpose, and create more balance while applying makeup onto your client. The price point is very reasonable at $12-$30/brush (similar price point to MAC) considering that this line was designed by a professional working makeup artist. Not only that, the bristles are packed very densely allowing more smooth transitions and flawless blending!

Standout Brushes: My favorite brushes from this line are the P370 Stylist Lip Brush and the S130 Rounded Blush Brush.

Bedellium Green Bamboo Brushes

Bdellium (Green Bambu Collection)

Primarily known well in the industry circles, this brand solely focuses on professional, working makeup artists and usually can only either be ordered online or at makeup trade shows, sometimes with an event discount. Their Bambu Collections featuring brushes and handles in the colors pink, yellow, and green are a cute way to differentiate your brushes from others. They perform very well, are lightweight, and the bristles are quite superior for both beauty and SFX work.

Standout Brushes: Two brushes that I often use in all of my client makeovers are their 955 Green Bambu Finishing Brush and their 781 Green Bambu Crease Brush.

What are your favorite vegan brushes? Let us know in the comment area below!