Coloring your hair can be a very exciting and fun time to express your individual identity and style through your mane!  These days with trends like going pastel, silver, rainbow, and all types of styles in-between, now has never been a better time to hop on the hair color bandwagon!  But along with that, there is nothing more dreadful than having it fade sooner than you expect.

Another hair coloring fear is that you’ll fall in love with the color, but the process of achieving it will be super damaging and drying to your hair because of all the chemicals in conventional hair dyes. And as a by-product of all this chemical use, it also can be very irritating and harmful to the skin of the scalp underneath which can sometimes cause conditions like seborrheic eczema to occur.

It may seem like beauty has to involve pain in engaging in a beauty ritual that is technically unnatural and going against the color that you were born with. But, these days innovation is thriving in the world of beauty and there are now products on the market that are formulated with much safer ingredients. A big thanks to the Green Beauty Movement for finding ways to have your cake and eat it, too!

Below are some awesome products to get if you want to make sure that you are using safe ingredients on your hair and ensuring that you protect not only the quality of the color of the dye but also the health of your hair.

Logona Colorations Color Plus

Logona Color Plus (5.1oz/151ml) $18

This is a wonderful product to help your hair to take on new color and keep it fresh and clean after the coloring process. The key ingredients are chicory leaf extract and bentonite mineral clay which helps to remove excess residue from the coloring product and helps strengthen the bond of the color to your hair strands.

Hair Dye


Organic Color Systems Permanent Hair Color (5oz/150ml) $9.99

This organic hair color company has rave reviews amongst hair professionals and novice hair color enthusiasts. It primarily contains an antioxidant-rich blend of ingredients from coconut, orange peel, aloe vera, and comfrey root amongst others. It has a delicious smell and its lack of harsh chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate and ammonia make it super gentle on the hair and scalp leaving your hair feeling like virgin hair even if you’ve been coloring it for years.

Color-Safe Shampoos

Glossy Locks 100% Pure Shampoo

100% Pure Glossy Locks Moisture Drench Shampoo (13.5oz/400ml) $33

To maintain your color vibrancy, this pick from 100% Pure is a great shampoo to use as it contains many mineralizing and protective ingredients like horsetail, nettle, and seaweed collagen. It is also sodium lauryl sulfate-free which will make it a more gentle cleanser on your scalp and hair color. And the soothing and conditioning ingredients like rose, cucumber, and aloe vera work to keep your scalp calm if you have more sensitive skin and tend to feel a bit drier after a hair coloring process.

Giovanni 2 Chic

Giovanni 2 Chic Brazilian Keratin and Argan Oil Sleek Conditioner (8.5oz/251ml) $7.62

This protein-rich conditioner will add even more protection to your hair color after you shampoo. Panthenol and Brazilian nut-derived keratin will fortify your strands and keep your color strong.


Captain Blankenship Mermaid Dry Shampoo (4oz/118ml) $24

To avoid over washing your hair and potentially making the color fade sooner than later, you can also opt for this gorgeous dry shampoo to absorb any potential excess oiliness and prevent your hair from going limp in between washes. Arrowroot powder and kaolin clay are the key ingredients which are super gentle on the scalp. Essential oils of geranium and palmarosa give it a nice natural rosy, beachy fragrance.



Yarok Feed Your Hair Conditioning Hair Mask (4oz/118ml) $49.50

This super-rich and nourishing hair mask based in virgin coconut cream is a wonderful self-pampering and hair-loving treatment you can use to add extra protection after coloring. It also contains many great remineralizing and protective ingredients like 100% Pure’s Moisture Drench Shampoo formula along with other softening and healing ingredients like oats, rosehips, marigold, and sea buckthorn. Would make for a nice weekly treatment to supercharge your hair color retention, hair softness, and scalp health.

Hope you enjoyed this list of eco-friendly hair products to protect your hair color! Remember that whatever you put on top of your hair and skin is what you absorb into your body and using eco-friendly products is not only healthier for you but it also just smells and feels a lot better for you and your hairdresser.  Enjoy these awesome color-safe products and a lifetime of healthy colorful rainbow hair!