When it comes to a vegan bride’s wedding day, there are just a few extra questions and criteria that she needs to check off when it comes to her wedding day makeup. Most people are hesitant to believe that vegan wedding makeup could ever perform or last as well as conventional makeup with all of its toxic chemicals and preservatives. Times have changed, and we have come a long way regarding technology and cosmetic formulation.

Vegan makeup is becoming more common even amongst very elite celebrities like Jeffree Star and Kat Von D. Even movie stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman, and Cate Blanchett swear by green beauty and use it as a way for them to maintain their natural beauty for the big screen.

Having done makeup for seven years and eco-friendly makeup for five years of that, I’ve never had a bride complain that her makeup did not last the entire day. The makeup lasted for photos and festivities (which can last for anywhere from 4-12 hours or so depending on the length of the ceremony and reception afterward).

I have come up with a few tips for any new vegan bride looking to get beautified on her special day hope you find them useful!

The Vegan Makeup Industry is Growing

The world of vegan makeup is growing and with that are the number of brands that are claiming to be vegan. But we know from the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Cosmetic Database and blogs like Logical Harmony that just because a brand slaps the word vegan on their label does not mean that it is telling the truth. It is essential to look at the ingredients list of each product you’re going to put on your face to ensure that it is going to be truly vegan. If you are vegan and wear makeup, you probably already do your research and need to make sure that you are if you’re going to hire a makeup artist that you find someone who uses similar brands or at least has a similar philosophy on their standards for selecting products to use as you do.

Research vegan makeup brands
Look at the Label: Beeswax

It’s important to check your products to see if they contain beeswax as that would not be considered vegan. But to be honest, I do still use some products with beeswax because of the therapeutic benefit on sensitive skin and eczema as well as the kind of texture and stability it provides cosmetic formulas. But, I do understand that people who do not like the way it is harvested and it is made from the labor of bees. Though, I have read that there are people looking into ways to humanely and gently harvest beeswax in which case I would still full of support using it.

Carmine in red lipstick is not veganLook at the Label: Carmine, Red Lake 40

It’s important that whether you doing your own makeup or hiring a makeup artist that they are using products that don’t contain any animal-derived ingredients aside from my point of beeswax above, like certain red dyes like carmine aka cochineal, Red Lake 40, and other such color dye ingredients which you can see more of on this list on PETA’s website. Carmine is a common red colorant that is derived from crushed beetle’s blood. Not only is it not vegan, but it is also a known common irritant and often causes contact dermatitis for people with sensitive skin who use red makeup whether it’s on their eyes, cheeks, or lips. This is also true of any color made with red, such as oranges and purples, that may be blended with carmine to create secondary colors for makeup.

Erzulie Foundation from Etsy

My Go-to Vegan Foundation

When it comes to foundations and concealers, I love Erzulie Cosmetics on Etsy. Their cream foundations and concealers are very blendable, and they have an excellent assortment of corrector colors if you have a lot of redness or under eye circles. This is my go-to foundation for all of my clients (including wedding clients) at this time, and I have never had anyone complain about it being itchy, not providing enough coverage (it’s buildable) or lacking endurance.

RMS Beauty also has some great concealers, though the shade range is a bit limited to medium to light or tones. For deeper tones, I will usually use one of the cream foundations from Erzulie Cosmetics.
Skin2Spirit Mineral Mascara

Vegan Mascara

Waterproof mascara is a tricky one because it tends to be a stronger formula end and because of the alcohol content can often dry out the eyelashes. But some gentle formulas will still last through any waterworks have during your ceremony and some brands that make good ones are Mineral Fusion and Skin2Spirit.

Pacifica Lipstick

Vegan Lipstick

With lipstick, it’s essential to have a good lip liner, and I love the lip liners from Zuzu Luxe. They create a great base to put your lipstick or lipgloss on top of. And for lipsticks, my favorite brands for them are Pacifica and 100% Pure Cosmetics.

Bdellium Vegan BrushesVegan Makeup Brushes

And finally, an important tip to keep in mind is to make sure that the brushes that you’re using on your face do not contain animal fur and only synthetic fibers. It’s a great time to be alive as there are many excellent synthetic fiber makeup brushes out there these days. The most popular one at this time is Ecotools which you can easily find at any Walgreens, CVS or Target. Other popular ones that come to mind are Sigma, Bdellium, 100% Pure Cosmetics, Cozette, and Mikasa Beauty also carries a line of synthetic oval brushes that you can use if you prefer that type of brush.

It’s never been easier to be vegan and ecobeautiful! Hope that these tips have been helpful and inspire you to plan your vegan wedding in a way that is as true, respectful and honorable to your healthy lifestyle as possible. And even if you are not vegan, there are many wonderful and effective vegan makeup products out there that can help you have a much healthier beauty ritual and makeover for your special day!

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