Mascara is one of the easiest products you can use to make your lashes longer, fuller and more defined. Unfortunately, if you’re not using your mascara correctly it can work against you and even damage your lashes. Now, if you’re not sure if you’re guilty of using your mascara wrong I’ll be sharing the most common mistakes everyone makes while using it – and most importantly how you can avoid them below!

Mistake #1. You’re pumping your mascara wand

It’s easy to fall into the bad habit of pumping your mascara wand before you use it, but you have to stop! Doing this will only push air and bacteria back into the tube and dry out the product faster. Dried out mascara, of course, means gross, clumpy lashes.

Correction: You can start breaking this habit by pulling the wand up and gently twirling it. This way, you will evenly distribute the product on the wand before you apply it.

Mistake #2. You’re curling your lashes after you’ve applied your mascara

Curl your lashes the right wayCoating your eyelashes and then curling them may seem right, but it does more harm than good. You’ll end up causing your mascara to clump, and you can even pull out a few lashes.

Correction: Use an eyelash curler on clean (mascara-free) lashes, then finish your freshly curled lashes with your favorite mascara.
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Mistake #3 You’re applying it wrong

Mistakes you might be making with your mascaraIf you’re just sweeping the wand in an upwards direction, then you’re applying it wrong and could even be making your eyelashes clumpy.

Correction: Instead of a single upwards sweep, you need to wiggle the wand from side to side from the base of your lashes, then work your way up. This way, you can make your lashes look longer and thicker without all the clumps.
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Mistake #4 Your’re Over-Coating Your Lashes

Avoid overcoating your mascaraWe all want to give our lashes a little more volume and length, but if you’re applying coat after coat you’ll just end up with heavy, spider-like lashes!

Correction: The next time you finish your lashes with your favorite mascara limit it to about three-to-four coats. Any more and you’ll miss the chance to have beautiful full lashes for the day.
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Mistake #5 You’re keeping the same bottle for way too long

Throw away old mascaraIf you’re still using the mascara you bought two to three months ago, it’s time to say goodbye! We all want to give our lashes a little more volume and length, but if you’re applying coat after coat you’ll end up with heavy, spider-like lashes!

Correction: Keep track of when you buy your mascara so you know when to throw it away after two to three months. Also, you should always toss your mascara when it starts to clump up and smell funny.
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Mistake #6. Sleeping with Your Makeup On

How to properly remove your mascaraSleeping in your makeup is never okay since it can clog your pores and irritate your skin. Of course, the same rules apply to mascara, too. Mascara will not only irritate your eyes, but it can even cause your lashes to become brittle and fall out!

Correction: Make removing your makeup much easier by using coconut oil or a gentle remover like this one from Cetaphil. Always have soft cotton pads ready, so you can remove the mascara without tugging the sensitive skin around your eyes.
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