Getting ready for spring break includes much more than just picking out your favorite outfits and bikinis. Frequent exposure to the sun without proper protection can wreak havoc on your skin and cause various skin conditions that may last a long time. This is why you should prepare your skin for sunbathing, take care of it during your time under the sun, and offer it nourishing aftercare to keep it healthy, radiant and hydrated.

Spring break skin care

Develop a pre-sunbathe skincare routine

Applying a protective sunscreen can only do so much to help you avoid sunburns and damage to your skin. It’s more important that you develop a healthy pre-sunbathe skincare routine so that your skin can always be ready for sun exposure.

Catch a few extra rays of sun a couple of weeks before you go on spring break. Soaking up the sun for an entire day without any preparation will cause sunburns because the skin hasn’t developed a tolerance to the sun after an entire winter spent mostly indoors. Ten minutes of sun exposure per day, for a few weeks leading up to spring break should be enough to make your skin ready for long hours of sun exposure. Also, think about applying magnesium ascorbyl phosphate under your sunscreen every day, to prevent brown spots and suppress melanin cells to fade.

Pre-bathe in the sun before your spring break trip


The first important step before exposing your skin to the sun is exfoliation. Only after you remove the accumulated dead cells from your skin, will you be able to tan nicely. However, make sure you wait a few days between exfoliation and sun exposure because once you remove the fine protective layer with exfoliation, your skin will be more vulnerable to UV rays. Every skin type requires a different type of scrub, so make sure you know which one is the best for you, to avoid any possible irritations.

Exfoliate before going out in the sun

Hydrate and protect

It’s essential that you keep your skin hydrated at all times because frequent exposure to the sun will dry it out. The drier your skin is, the more vulnerable it becomes too damaging UV rays, which can eventually cause sunburns that can have serious negative effects on your skin. Therefore, make sure you use a nourishing moisturizer regularly, to keep your skin elastic and prevent it from drying out quickly.

Furthermore, once your skin is exposed to the sun, it will require proper sun protection. So, it’s vital that you apply a nourishing UltraCeuticals sunscreen with protective SPF to your skin every time you’re outdoors. Apply a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher to the entire body, and wait at least 20 minutes before you go outside. If you spend the entire day outdoors, or you take frequent dips in the pool, make sure you re-apply the sunscreen.

Eat good foods to keep your skin beautiful


Sun protective food

Just as you need to adjust your skin care for sun exposure, you should do the same with your diet. The foods you’re eating have a lot to do with the way your skin will react to the sun, so make sure you eat as much food rich in carotene and vitamin E as possible. Melons, tomatoes, peas, kale, carrots, apricots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, mangos, broccoli, squash, and spinach are the best sources of carotenoids so make sure you eat them in abundance. To offer your skin good protection, introduce almonds, nuts and vegetable oils to your diet as well.

Moisturize after sun exposure

After sun care

Your skin will inevitably be dry after sun exposure, so it’s essential that you provide additional nourishment after you’re done with sunbathing. Make sure you use a highly nourishing product, enriched with minerals and vitamins that will aid the welfare of your skin. You’ll want your skin to recover quickly from the effects of UV rays, to stay moisturized, hydrated and fed with antioxidants and nutrients so it can stay glowing, plump and elastic. If you happen to end up with sunburns, your after-sun care should include drinking plenty of water to hydrate the skin from the inside, as well as some soothing and repairing home care or professional therapies.

Proper skin care is vital for your health, so make sure you prepare it for spring break accordingly. Develop a pre-sunbathe skin care routine to avoid sunburns and prepare your skin for sun exposure, hydrate the skin, eat plenty of foods rich in carotene and don’t forget to slather on the SPF to always keep your skin protected from the sun.