FREMONT, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Perfect365®, the Webby-nominated, free makeup and beauty platform loved by celebrities and more than 100 million users that is leading the digital beauty evolution, has released results of a consumer-focused study on the concerns surrounding cleanliness and the hygiene of lipstick testers, showing that 63% of makeup consumers said they would not use a tester lipstick in a store out of fear of germs and contamination. Participants of the study also shared that the preferred option to test a makeup, specifically lipstick, would be to use a digital platform.

Perfect365 conducted the study, which included hundreds of Millennials and GenZs, in light of recent news about the cleanliness of store makeup samples after the story of a Los Angeles woman contracting herpes from a lipstick tester sent fear to consumers throughout the country. Many people are guilty of going in to a beauty store and quickly trying on a lipstick shade—or other makeup—from a tester tube without giving it much thought, but the reality is that many germs are living on the testers, and viruses, such as herpes which can be spread by skin-to-skin contact, can be contracted via shared samples.

“Sanitary concerns around in-store makeup testers are coming to the forefront, and like many other industries, technology is primary to solving this dilemma. Advancements in face detection technology and color accuracy have made virtual try-on a viable option both in-store and online,” said Cara Harbor, Director of Marketing for Perfect365, Inc. “As with many of our clients, beauty brands are realizing the multiple benefits of virtual makeup and connecting with Millennials and Generation Zs on the digital platform they live on.”

This isn’t a new problem, as microbiologists first learned about pathogens being transferred in beauty products as early as the 1940s. And while most makeup products do have preservatives to help slow the growth of microbes, because of the frequent handling by many patrons, as well as the use of non-sterile applicators—including fingers—makeup store samples are a breeding ground for germs and offer easy access to pass on viral infections.

Perfect365, the company that is leading the digital beauty evolution, with its free digital beauty platforms used regularly by celebrities and more than 100 million users, seeks to be part of the solution to this ongoing conversation. With the use of augmented reality, consumers can try on a variety of products and colors with the ease of mind that there are no germs being transmitted, as well as the same amount of confidence to buy (or not buy), the product. In fact, they have been teaming up with top beauty brands to put their full collection and color offerings within the app, to give consumers the best pre-purchase experience possible. For the full report:

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Perfect365 PRO is a platform specifically designed for makeup artists to be able to communicate more efficiently with their clients, develop looks for them prior to real-life application, and manage and organize client profiles. Consumers are able to find makeup artists (including brand-specific artists) in their geographical area or communicate with their existing makeup artist. Providing the client with a realistic view of what makeup will look like on their unique face helps the MUA to set realistic expectations for their clients. Perfect365 PRO is designed mainly for brand counter artists and freelance/event artists, but beauty influencers can also use Perfect365 PRO to create amazing looks.

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