Purple makeup lovers rejoice! This royal shade is the must-wear color for fall. Celebs, beauty gurus and makeup brands have all fallen hard for this eye-catching hue. Now, if you never thought about wearing purple makeup, it’s time to start! Today, I’ll show you five ways you can wear purple this fall. From a subtle hint to a full glam look, it’s all on the list. So check it out below.

ColourPop Master Plan Gloss

ColourPop Master Plan Lip Gloss – $6

LIPS: Purple lip gloss 

Even though matte lips happen to be the go-to look these days, it’s nice to change things with a bold, shiny lip gloss. I’m not talking about those awful sticky tubes we were obsessed with in the 90s. Thankfully lip glosses today have become so much better. They’re non-sticky, hydrating, and give your lips a pop of color.

Go ahead and try a flirty shade of purple lip gloss out this fall. Make it work for you by wearing purple lip gloss with natural makeup for a high shine look.

We like: ColourPop’s Ultra Gloss Lip Gloss in Master Plan


NYX Vivid Brights Liquid Eyeliner in Vivid Blossom

NYX Vivid Brights Liquid Eyeliner in Vivid Blossom – $7

EYES: Purple eyeliner

Change up your look by swapping out your basic black eyeliner with a trendy new shade of purple. Purple eye makeup can be a little intimidating, but the results are stunning! Rather than fading into the background, purple eyeliner will define and complement your eyes – especially if they’re green or brown.

Since it’s just an eyeliner pencil, you can keep things subtle with a thin line or experiment with a bolder look. Whichever way you prefer, purple liner will definitely draw even more attention to your beautiful eyes.

Feel free to play up the natural shape of your eyes by lining just the lower lash lines or by creating sleek wings on your upper lash lines. If you want a more glamorous look for night, try lining your upper and lower lash line with pencil or liquid eyeliner.

We like: NYX Vivid Brights Liquid Eyeliner in Vivid Blossom – $7


Kylie Cosmetics Purple Eyeshadow Palette Arm Swatches

Kylie Cosmetics Purple Eyeshadow Palette – $42

EYES: Purple Eyeshadow

From warm neutrals to shimmering colors, eyeshadows are used to specifically add much-needed depth and dimension to your eyes. It’s simply a must-have in any beauty look. Go ahead and shake things up this fall with purple eyeshadow! Surprisingly, this bold color is versatile enough for both day and night.

With that being said, creating a makeup look with a vibrant color like purple can be really tricky. To achieve a purple eye makeup look that is flawless, experiment with different shades or stick to just one and blend, blend, blend!

We like: Kylie Cosmetics Purple Eyeshadow Palette – $42

Jeffree Star Skin Frost : Lavender Snow

Jeffree Star Skin Frost: Lavender Snow – $29

FACE: Purple highlighter

It’s 2017, so what make-up look would be complete without highlighter. Rather than sticking with your usual golden highlighters, reach for one with a shimmering purple hue this season.

Highlighting the corners of your eyes, nose, cupid’s bow and cheekbones with purple may sound a little crazy, but trust me it looks so good! You can wear this trend like a pro by treating it just like any other highlighter and pairing it with smoky eyes and bronzed cheeks.

We like: Jeffree Star’s Lavender Snow Skin Frost


Kylie Cosmetics Grape Soda Velvet Lip Kit

Kylie Cosmetics Grape Soda Velvet Lip Kit – $27

LIPS: Purple lipstick

Last, but not least on the list is purple lipstick. Many people don’t know that this shade is universally flattering on the lips. This is why every single woman should have at least one purple lipstick in her makeup collection. Not only does it look great during the day, it’s also ideal for night. Try it out this fall by finishing a clean makeup look with a captivating purple lipstick.

We like: Kylie Cosmetics Grape Soda Velvet Lip Kit and August Bug from Kylie Cosmetics’ The Birthday Collection Mini Matte Liquid Lipsticks (See top of article for photo reference to this color)

Don’t forget to watch our purple makeup tutorial on Facebook to see a demo of some of the products mentioned in this post! You can also try on a beautiful purple makeup look by our in-house MUA Krista McAulay using the Perfect365 app. Download the Perfect365 app first, then come back to tap that link! Trying on makeup virtually lets you experience color cosmetics without using an actual product.

Whether you choose to emphasize your lips or eyes, have fun wearing one of the hottest colors this fall, purple.