Glam-o-ween Halloween Makeup Looks

Digital makeup has come a long way from just adding lipstick and eyelashes with your smartphone. With tech’s latest advancements in virtual makeup, you can now try on detailed Halloween makeup looks before you attempt to try the real thing. Last year, we had a full haunted house of Halloween makeup looks, and this year we pushed the limit with more detailed designs.

Four Ghoulish Treats

For the inner vamps and the glamorously grotesque, we have four options:

Vamp Queen: The deepest cutting contour this side of Transylvania.

Unzipped: Who knew there was a glittering ghoul underneath that flawless skin?

Glampkin: Hallow’s eve isn’t the same without a pumpkinhead.

Triple Seer: Tap into everyone’s thoughts about trick-or-treat candy with your third eye.

Get the looks:

Vampire makeup for HalloweenTo access these looks, launch Perfect365, and tap on the “Me” tab on the bottom right. Once there, tap on “More Looks”, then tap on the “New and Popular” tab on top. Pay only $1.99 to download all four looks.

Since these looks use photo makeup, you will need to have a front-facing selfie in good lighting to get the best results.

Check out the photo of our in-house MUA Krista McAulay on the right. She’s wearing the Vamp Queen look over a full face of makeup, and you can wear it over a bare face, too!

Halloween Makeup by our Influencers

Ice Cream Clown Girl Halloween MakeupOur Explorer Community MUAs love Halloween–it’s time to show off those artsy skills! Our favorite looks come from talented Claire Xiong (@claire_inspirations) where she nailed this Ice Cream Clown look (view the tutorial on YouTube to learn how to do it at home).

Get the looks:

Claire has two more killer looks that you can view in the Perfect365 app. To get the look, make sure you have your perfect selfie-ready. Tap on “Photo Makeup” on the Home screen of the app, then choose your photo. Tap on the “Artists” tab on the bottom. Her looks are the first three looks along the bottom. Simply tap to transform your selfie into each character.

Celebrity Makeup Artist Kabuki’s Halloween Makeup Looks

Kabuki Halloween Makeup LooksWith clients that bear the last name Jenner, Stefani and Gomez, Kabuki is a big look-maker for the stars. He worked on his makeup looks using the sister app to Perfect365, Perfect365 PRO. Kabuki used Perfect365 PRO to design the green and blue foundation shades and built his look entirely in a digital format.

Get the looks:

To try on Kabuki’s Halloween makeup looks, simply launch the Perfect365 app and tap on the “Explorer” button at the bottom navigation. Under the “Featured Tab” you will see the two looks. Since these digital makeup looks are available in live makeup, you are able to use the live mirror feature to view the look directly on your face using your smartphone.

We wish everyone a perfect Halloween night–be safe and we will see you in the app!