Most makeup artists are familiar with the archaic paper face charts, which until now were the primary way to develop makeup looks for clients. For those who aren’t familiar, a face chart literally looks like an illustrated outline of the face on a piece of paper. We launched Perfect365 PRO to put an end to paper face charts, and in just two months we are happy to say, it’s working.

Celebrity makeup artist, Gucci Westman replaced paper face charts with digital by using Perfect365 PRO at NYFW S/S 2018, and fellow celebrity makeup artist Kabuki is now a self-taught expert at digital face charts (just check out some of Kabuki’s Perfect365 PRO videos here).

In fact, we are starting to see an entire industry of change. According to a recent survey that we conducted with Poshly, 32% of makeup artists are using digital makeup apps to develop looks for their clients, and makeup brands like Anna Sui and NYX Cosmetics are jumping on board too using Perfect365 PRO in their stores. Another Poshly survey, conducted by CHICSTUDIOS and Perfect365, found that 85% of makeup artists would want to offer their clients a preview of a makeup look on their photo or by having them look through a live camera. The demand for digital is being driven by a new crop of makeup buyers that spend most of their lives on a smartphone. Would you believe 78% of women between the ages of 18-35 would be more inclined to purchase makeup from a brand if they could see what it looks likes virtually on their face before purchasing it? Believe it!

Gucci Westman Hellessy 2018 NYFW S/S

Right now, the look Gucci Westman created for Hellessy’s NYFW S/S 2018 show is available to try on in the Perfect365 app. Users of the app can virtually try on the look using the live mirror feature.

Technology is impacting every industry, and the beauty industry is no different. The digital beauty evolution is upon us. Are you ready to go digital?