Brands seem to launch new highlighters every single day, but once in a blue moon do I flip out like the way I did over this. I received all four “orbing” powders neatly in a black shipping box from Jessica Camper, owner, and creator of Moonplay Cosmetics. I didn’t quite know what to expect from these giant 6 gram tubs of sparkling goodness called Stroboscope Hyper-flash Powder, but several questions crossed my mind: How would they differ from all of the millions of highlighting powders that orbit the Earth?

First, I took a look at the price at $42 each. Hmm. The price was at least $10 above the competition, but I was specifically told this was a luxury product and that I would notice a huge difference in quality. Hold onto your space suits, ladies and gents, this orbing powder is going to rock your universe! Watch my Facebook Live demo on all four Stroboscope powders below!

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Posted by Perfect365 on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

How Stroboscope is different: 
The texture is not gritty or chalky, and the pigmentation is pure color. A little goes a long way with these, and you can benefit from its pore concealing properties–it does not magnify the pores like most highlighting powders do! It is like a second skin, even on oily skin like mine, and it did not shift or fade with wear throughout the day. In fact, it looked exactly the same at midnight than it did at 3 pm when I freshly applied it. It is made for harsh photography lighting, so even my blinding ring light enhanced how beautiful it is on camera. It is comfortable to wear and does not at all feel heavy. Since I tend to break out, I was happy that my skin was not irritated and I didn’t get watery eyes from placing the metallic colors near my eyes. You can do everything with these powders including: Use them as a lip topper, all over highlighter, set your concealer and brighten the eyes, wear as eyeshadow, wear on your body, mix with your foundation or beauty balms, mix with your favorite body lotion. You can do endless things. Endless!!

Moonplay Cosmetics Swatches

Finger swatches of Stroboscope Powders in sunlight. From left: NYC Vamp, Dail Sand, Lady Goldfish, and Vow.

What’s Available? My only gripe is that there are currently only four shades of this magnificent stuff. While I pray for more shades to arrive, I will break down each of the four shades for you (trust me, you need them all):

NYC VampNYC Vamp: A soft pink base with a violet-blue color effect–like an opal. This color worked extremely well as an inner corner eye color and gave me an uber-brightening effect. It took years off around my eyes and smoothed out any flaws. Of course, a pink color corrector may not work for every skin tone around the eyes, but this shade will still work on dark skin tones as an overall color, highlight, or to use on top of your eye and lip looks.

Lady GoldfishLady Goldfish: A medium-toned peachy nude with a gold base. Has an apple green color effect. This color looked HOT when mixed with a clear gloss and applied as a glaze on top of a matte reddish orange liquid lipstick. I thought the green tones were going to throw me off, but they are definitely flattering! The multi-toned hues that you get from this color are insane. This is a shade that anyone can wear, and I am dying to try this as an all over face brightener.

VowVow: An ultra bright peach with rainbow, silver, and gold tones. This one’s for the highlighter people in the house. If you like that mega-highlighted cheekbone that you can see from Jupiter, this is for you. This is very versatile, and I was easily able to mix other Stroboscope powders together with this one. If you can’t figure out what shade you want to start out with, I’d recommend starting with this one first.

Dali SandDali Sand: A sun-kissed bronze with a tropical ocean blue color effect. Calling all mermaids! This is your jam! The shimmering blue effects from this shade change as you move, making this one the coolest of the bunch. Tapping this color on top of a black eyeliner will electrify it! Misting your eyeshadow brush, then dipping into the powder will give your eyeshadow look a more intense effect, and will turn heads. Are you ready for all of that attention?

My final thoughts: I can’t think of any product that this compares to the Stroboscope Powders, and they should be in a category on their own. They complement and enhance any makeup look. Even a makeup newbie can use the powders with ease without too much practice. I had a blast using them to transform my looks into an ethereal space odyssey.

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