Some people are born with them. Some people aren’t born with them. Some people lived through the 1990’s thin brow era ala Drew Barrymore and Pam Anderson. I was born with thick Brooke Shields eyebrows and I hated them. Why? Because fashion. Brow trends shifted quickly from bushy caterpillars to almost nothing– the thinnest rounded brows that I hope I never see again in my lifetime. I remember swimming in the summer and emerging from the water just like a dolphin, sans brows.

Drew Barrymore's thin eyebrows from the 1990s

Drew Barrymore’s thin eyebrows from the 1990s (Photo by Barry King/WireImage)

It was embarrassing, it was frustrating, and there was no product that helped your brow pencil stay on–because we literally shaved them off and drew them back on.

90s thin eyebrows

Proof that I was rocking the 90’s brows

Thankfully as thin brows started to become a thing of the past, I started growing them back in, but for the life of me, there was an important patch of brow that I could not grow in. Later on, I discovered that my lack of brow hair was due to a condition that I have called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. After meeting other women with the condition, I realized that growing brow hair back was probably not going to happen, so I had to browse options for filling them in. I started with a brow tattoo, which faded after two years, even with three touch-up sessions. Then, I opted for microblading right before my wedding, and even with two sessions, my brows faded after two years. I even looked into getting eyebrow implants, but that scared the heck out of me when I saw what the procedure was really like. I ended up buying at least 20 brow pencils–from drugstore to high end–and being disappointed with most of those. Powders, gels, creams, pomades, and anything you can imagine was applied to this face.

My trek to drugstores and department stores always ends with a brow product in the basket. One afternoon, I chatted with a customer at Walgreen’s about waterproof liquid eyeliner, and next thing you know, she’s daring me to buy a brow stamp product called 3-Second Brow. I’m sure you’ve seen the infomercials where women are stamping on perfect brows and screaming in delight about how easy it is. Invented by Taylor Baldwin, the woman who invented “Hot Buns“–a product that I swear by for the perfect bun–and I figured this was going to be a product that I really needed in my life. I threw it in the basket and with high hopes, raced home to try on my new brows.

3-second brow stamp

My first time using the 3-Second Brow Stamp

My first time using 3-Second Brow was a mini nightmare. The kit comes with two brow shapes to choose from: soft arch and structured arch. The stamps themselves have a very shallow handle, and I have long nails, so it was almost impossible to get a good grip on them. I dipped the stamp in the brow powder compact, tried to line the brow up with my natural brow and pressed hard. I must say that it was beginner’s luck when I stamped on the first brow because I was immediately impressed. The second stamp was a different story about a brow from another mother. The brow came out much higher than its neighbor, and somehow I was able to wipe it away with a damp sponge (with a little concealer on it) and start over again. As you can see, on the second try, I was able to use the angled brush and spoolie that came with the kit and added more powder to create some awesome brows. The powder itself surprised me because it is long wear and lasted through the summer heat. But could I garner the same results the following day?

3-Second Brow Stamps
The next day, I wasn’t so lucky in the beginning, but I sashayed away from the house looking fierce.  I tried the round brow shape and I had to wipe it off three times before I was happy. It was stamped too high, or too low. I find it very hard to position the brow stamp to match the other side, even if I mark it with a pencil, I get two different brows each time. Again, after messing with more powder product and brushing it through, I was able to create a full round shape and it lasted the entire day.

3-Second Brow Stamps

More like 5-minute brow…

The rest of the week was the same old story — first brow stamped was great, the second brow a totally different shape and position. Maybe I should use tape to mark my position? It seems like a lot of planning for a product called 3-second Brow.

Here we go for my final verdict on 3-Second Brow:

THE GOOD: The powder is my favorite part of the whole kit. The color is perfect for me and it is long wear–even through 100+ degree days outdoors, my brows did not melt away. The shape of the stamps are perfect for my face shape and look natural. The double-ended brow brush and spoolie are great for softening the product and applying more product. So far I use the brow stamp daily and will continue to do so. The product is affordable at under $20.

THE BAD: The stamps themselves are a bit tricky. I cannot get identical twin brows on both sides–maybe distant cousins. I normally have to wipe off one brow and start over. The packaging could be a bit larger for those with long nails as the handle of the stamp is very short. I feel like there should be one big stamp to do both brows at the same time because I still cannot line these suckers up!

DO I RECOMMEND? Yes and no. It depends! I feel like this product will frustrate those who normally do not fill in their brows on a daily basis. It does take a bit of work to brush out the product to create a softer natural-looking brow. Just stamping it and walking away from the mirror–that seems like a great idea, but that just didn’t happen for me. Makeup artists and those experienced with daily brow filling will find this as a quick method to get a general shape and fast. But if you’re not used to it, be prepared to spend a good half of a day trying to get these right.

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