Ever get curious about what all the hype is about green beauty these days? Or, maybe you are overwhelmed with options and not sure which ones to trust or try out.

Having done eco-friendly makeovers for the past seven years, I have tried hundreds of products in nearly every beauty category and have come up with a list of ten awesome products from brands that I have researched, believe in, and have high-quality standards for how they source and formulate their products.

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And on top of that, these picks actually perform really well on camera! Hope you have fun and enjoy learning about these products.  Let’s get started!


Pink Vegan Blush

Pink Vegan Blush (Petal Pink) $10.00

This blush is a gorgeous and soft shimmery peachy pink that will definitely work well on almost every skin tone. I would even call this color a near dupe for NARS’ Orgasm blush. It is a loose pigment, which makes it very versatile and you can apply it as a blush, highlight powder, eyeshadow/inner corner glow, and body shimmer.  You can use it wet and increase the pigmentation as well for a more foiled finish.

100% Pure MascaraFruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara – Dark Chocolate $26.00

This mascara smells amazing! And it smells exactly like its name, Dark Chocolate.  Aside from the decadent fragrance which comes from the ingredients themselves–and not a separate artificial flavoring or fragrance–the formula is really good at thickening and lengthening the lashes without clumping.  You will absolutely get definition with this mascara.

Mineral Fusion EyelinerMineral Fusion Eye Pencil in Coal $16.99

This is one of the creamiest vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free eyeliners on the market right now. It’s also one of the more accessible ones since it is usually available at most health food stores and co-ops, like Mother’s Market and Sprouts. The pigmentation is very opaque so you’ll get a true black out of one swipe from this bad boy.  It is creamy and blendable upon application, but once it dries it stays put.

 Cozzette BrushS130 Rounded Blush Brush $29.00

This is an all-vegan line of makeup brushes created by makeup artist, Roque Cozzette who I have taken a workshop from before and who I know for a fact is also vegan himself. I love that the original line is made of with purple handles because it’s just like you’re using magical wands to put on your makeup. The bristles are super soft and pick up and apply products as well as any other conventional brush made with animal fur.

EVOLV SmartStart Leave-in Conditioner $28.00

I really enjoy this hair product line from San Francisco which is all vegan and gluten-free. Their products are formulated specifically for women who have naturally curly or kinky hair to help tame frizz and create manageability. The ingredients are very gentle and smell great, and I really like how this particular product is easy to apply, lightweight and makes the hair super smooth to work with.

Sante Hair Care Natural HoldHair Care Natural Hold and Volume Hair Spray 150 ml $15.00

This is my favorite medium hold hairspray to hold hairstyles while still being able to run your fingers through your hair. This does not make the hair crunchy and I would even say it has protective and conditioning qualities. Plus it smells really good! I have had clients ask me if there was fruit juice nearby when I was styling their hair with this hairspray. This is a much better experience and reaction than coughing, holding your breath or getting your client’s eyes irritated because of all the harsh chemical fumes from other conventional hairsprays.New Paradigm Liquid Foundation

#4 New Paradigm Liquid Foundation  $62.00

This Canadian brand has a very strong cult following in the green beauty world! This foundation is legendary for having super gentle ingredients for the skin and being a foundation that is actually pleasant to put on and wear. Their range of skin tones goes from light ivories to deep mahogany tones that rival those of Iman Cosmetics.

Axiology Lipstick in Desire  $30.00

Aside from the amazing payoff, the range of colors that you can choose from, and gorgeous packaging that is worthy of goddesses, I really appreciate the transparency in the ingredients they choose, their mission statement, and how they side what to put into their products. Despite containing castor seed oil, their lipstick doesn’t taste like gasoline, like conventional lipstick or sometimes other green beauty brands where the castor seed flavor sometimes takes over the entire lipstick.  I really love this line of organic lipstick! Great news for Sephora shoppers: Axiology just signed a retail deal with Sephora so their products will be rolling out soon!


Dr. Adorable Rose Wax, Bulgarian Organic 1 Oz $15.99

If you really love aromatherapy, and particular the fragrance of roses, you will love this solid body perfume from Dr. Adorable. It’s a wax pressed from the petals of fresh roses and it can be used as a body perfume, in addition to DIY beauty recipes, and I’ve even used it on my face as a face balm moisturizer. I would even go as far as to say that you could use this as a leave-in conditioner treatment on your hair or just to smooth out any split ends or dry ends.


Osculatus Natura Lipcare – 10 mL $5.00

And finally, a company that I hold dear to my heart because it is a company that not only produces organic, vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free products but also contributes to the local community by employing people with cognitive disabilities who live near the manufacturing locations of this company. As for the above product, at first, I thought it might be too messy being still in a liquid form, but the oil absorbs immediately into your lips upon application (in a rollerball tube) so it avoids dripping and your lips are left feeling super juicy and pedal soft, just like a rose.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour through today’s top cruelty-free beauty products and I hope you will try at least one–or maybe five? *wink*

Would love to hear if you tried any of the products and what your experience was like in the comments below.  To a healthy and gorgeous future!

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