Doing DIY is so on trend these days. While it’s nice to splurge when you have the cash, it’s even nicer when you can save a little money and make it yourself. With a ton of how-to videos online, there’s really no excuse not to try and experiment with making your own beauty products at home with items literally your from your own kitchen.

Having made some of my own skin care products myself, I can attest to how empowering it can be to be able to customize your own formulas for your specific skin and hair type and needs. Not only do I save money on gas and shopping, but the amount of product that you get from each of these recipes easily will last you at least three months and sometimes even over a year depending on how big a batch you make and if it is oil or water-based.

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Also, learning how to make your own beauty products embraces your nerdy side, and I love videos and blogs about DIY recipes because I always learn something new about how the skin and hair work and grow and what kind of ingredients help nurture and promote that. I highly recommend subscribing to all of these wonderful online beauty gurus and appreciate all of the nerdy beauty wisdom they have shared so far on their channels and blogs.

I carefully curated this list of DIY products from head to toe that will help you find something that will both make your life easier and excite you with the world of possibilities of doing DIY beauty!

BEST HAIR MASK DIY by Farah Dhukai

This mask is literally something that I would probably eat on its own as a really healthy breakfast or dessert. Literally, just mix equal parts honey, coconut oil, and plain yogurt and you got yourself a delicious hair mask! 

If you have oily hair (and skin), you might prefer this other hair and face mask she regularly uses made of literally just ONE ingredient!

DIY Rice Scrub + Mask by Michelle Phan

This video is more like DIY facial care with rice–three ways. All you need is a half cup of the rice of your choice, blend or crush it up in whatever way is most convenient, mix it with water or honey and gently massage onto your face to move any dead skin cells. She even shows you had to make a really cool customized face sheet mask with rice paper!  

Natural Face Cream – Vanilla Bean & Lavender! By Ela Gale

I am so in love with Ella Gale’s DIY beauty videos! She is the one that really got me into it and I use this specific video and recipe as a baseline for customizing my own facial creams. Personally, I favor using calendula oil or floral water infusions in place of aloe vera gel. But, you can’t go wrong with any of the recipes that she shares as she is someone who does a lot of research into healthy and proper ways of living a beautiful and healthy life. If you appreciate a gentle soul and narrating voice, you will thank me later for introducing you to her.

If you have super dry skin, you may prefer her other facial cream recipe that is completely oil-based.

Homemade Mascara ♡ Natural by Ela Gale

Had to throw in another awesome recipe by Ella Gale for how to make your own mascara! It’s so cool because it uses super gentle ingredients and activated charcoal for the black pigment. According to Ela, this recipe can also be used to make your own gel eyeliner and it wears really well throughout the day.

Homemade Lipstick Recipe by Wellness Mama

Homemade Lipstick Recipe

I’m a huge fan of Wellness Mama and her recipes and have tried them with much success. I haven’t tried making my lip balm with pigments yet, but I will say that for sure the baseline recipe is really simple and really delicious. And if you’re going to put something on your lips, in might as well be something that you enjoy tasting while wearing.

Natural Lotion Recipe By Wellness Mama

Homemade natural lotion recipe

And finally, we cannot forget to take care of the skin on our bodies. I am still working through a batch that I made of this lotion recipe from a year-and-a-half ago, and I am still enjoying it for all areas, including as a leave-in conditioner for my hair, a lip balm, facial cleanser, and balm for extra dry areas like my knees, elbows, and feet. This would also make a really good massage balm and is very versatile with whatever essential oils you’d like to add to it. Personally, I favor peppermint and tea tree.

I hope you enjoyed checking out all of these amazing recipes to help you take care of yourself in a super customized way. It is totally worth carving out the time to experiment with making at least one of these recipes a week or maybe even bang them all out in a day dedicated for DIY beauty making with your friends and family. Become your own mad beauty scientist! They’re totally worth the time to make and you are definitely worth the time to make these for.

I would love to hear your experiences making these recipes! Please comment below with any feedback or other DIY beauty recipes you really enjoy!