We’re at it again! Another amazing giveaway opportunity will begin June 10th, ending on June 18th. Three lucky Perfect365 app users will win $125 worth of NYX Professional Makeup if they follow the simple rules to enter. Come on, we promise it’s easy! To make sure you’re eligible, please read the official rules. 

First, we urge you to watch this video tutorial on how to enter, then read the directions. The key point is, you need to have the Perfect365 app in order to enter, so if you don’t yet have it, download it here for iOS and here for Android.

Got the app? Great. Now we can get started on the path to winning!

1. Open the Perfect365 app.
2. Tap on the “Explorer” tab to launch our NYX Professional Makeup looks.
3. Feel free to try on all of the looks. Pick the one you think is share-worthy and hit the “Tap to try” button.
4. Try on the look with the live camera, or choose a photo from your photo album.
5. Tap the “Share” text on the upper right.
6. Tap on the Instagram icon.
7. Tap the “Copy to Instagram” icon.
8. Instagram will launch and allow you to add a caption. Add anything you want to say here, but you MUST have the following two hashtags on this post: #perfect365giveaway and #nyxcosmetics.
9. Post your look!
10. Winners will be announced on June 18! Good luck!

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