Behold, the landing page that gives all Kylie Cosmetics fans a heart attack at 3 pm PST/6 pm ET:

You know what this means. You open another browser and hit reload while keeping an eye on the other browser that promises it will funnel you through to the shopping cart once traffic clears up. You feel like the only crazed Kylie fan in the world who can’t get in. You start blaming Comcast, the cats for chewing on the ethernet cable, and maybe your significant other is playing League of Legends in the other room, sucking away all of your internet juice. Trust us, we’ve ALL been there.

To those who actually snagged the new KKW x Kylie Creme Liquid Lipsticks, I’m sure you’ve already tried them and love them all, or are really obsessed with one shade (yass, Kiki, yassss!). These four shades were created by Kim Kardashian-West, and all of the color names are her nicknames: Kiki, Kim, Kimberly, and Kimmie. Cute, right?


Amanda: Is this Kim’s actual handwriting!?!?

I decided to do a live unboxing of the lip quad on Facebook Live (edited for YouTube), and who better than to bring along for my unboxing journey than my longtime friend of 16 years, Amanda Walker-Storey. We’ve been on many makeup adventures together, and this video is well overdue. Think about it, we’ve been makeup shopping together for 16 years and this is our first posted video. Amanda, now a new mom of a 9-week-old baby boy, still has time to slay her makeup and sprinkle on a bit of glitter–because why should motherhood stop women from being their true glittering queen?

KKW x Kylie arm swatches

Photo: @lapetitechicmommy –

Our full looks were both applied before we unboxed the KKW magic. The lip product itself is extremely different than what we experience with the Kylie Lip Kits. In the KKW kit, there is no lip liner, which we were cool with since we both own a trillion nude and brown lip liners. The consistency is smooth, not sticky, and very gloss-like. It is not long-wear in any sense of the word. It comes off very easily, which I personally do not have a problem with. There was no noticeable scent at all–scentless. Each color has a different tone of peachy-nude, with Kimmie being the most red-toned, Kiki being more of a coral, Kim is a milky creamsicle peach shade, and Kimberly is your sexy light brown-toned nude.

Amanda: That’s your color!

The final verdict: I’ll admit, I’ve been wearing the KKWs daily. They feel light and creamy, and I can wear them with just about any look that I’ve got on. I do like to use a lip liner with these to make my lips appear larger, and luckily my Apricot and Pumpkin Kylie Lip Kit liners work with these. I wish they were a little more of a long wear formula, but that may compromise the comfortable feel. I can’t wait to see what Kylie has in store for us next!