Let’s be honest for a minute: What are your daily beauty struggles? Mine? I prayed to the makeup gods that my eyebrow products would never smear and that I could wear red lipstick without finding it all over my face after lunch. No joke, I once found red lipstick remnants all over the interior of my car and have no idea how it got there. I gave up on red lipstick and never wore it again, and half of my eyebrow goes missing at about 4 pm every day. Not sure where it goes, but it takes a very long hike and never returns.

On my most recent Facebook Live “Beauty Break Wednesday” segment, I did a demo on WunderBrow, a product that is all over social media where women are recording short demo clips that demonstrate that brow pencils, powders, and pomades just don’t last. When I saw the “smear” test of WunderBrow, and how waterproof it seemed, I had to buy one for myself. I was really surprised to see that WunderBrow was available at CVS, and $22 is a standard price for a brow product, similar to the price range of Anastasia Beverly Hills’ products. It is definitely long-wear and did withstand my smear test. At about 5 pm, my skin still resumes to become an oil slick, including the brow area, but the product remains undisturbed. Impressive! I highly recommend it for all skin types, skin colors, and anyone that struggles with pencils and pomades and just can’t get a natural look that lasts. I also suggest that you purchase an angled brow brush to apply the product since the applicator is like a lip gloss brush and isn’t precise.

Now that brows are out of the way, let’s talk LipSense. I wasn’t exactly a skeptic since some of my friends were selling this social media frenzied beauty product. I figured if my friends suggested it, that it was legit. I purchased my first color, Blu-Red, which is a very bright, classic red shade, which is something I NEVER wear. I saw the color on Christina Aguilera, and it looked stunning!

My friend talked me into adding the gloss, and I’m really glad she did because the gloss is my latest obsession. I filmed my unboxing during the live segment, and you will see that I go through a number of sensations while trying on LipSense (you can watch the video above). There is a very prominent tingling sensation, almost burning. Not exactly the wasabi type of burn, but it was very noticeable. I applied three coats, and I thought the color was more impressive than the photos that I saw online. It looks expensive but feels a bit weird for the first time. The trick is allowing each coat dry completely before adding the next–three coats are recommended. You may still feel a sticking sensation at the corner of your mouth, but after I applied the clear gloss, my dreams came true. A soft, lightweight feeling, and moisturized lips–but the color will not come off until you work to remove it!

Removing it was tricky. I have the Ooops! Color Remover, which is great for travel, but I felt that coconut oil at home would do the trick. I recommend buying the new CVS Exfoliating Cotton Rounds since they have a texture that will help remove stubborn long-wear products. It takes a bit of elbow grease to remove the LipSense product entirely but is still worth the extra effort.

Have you tried LipSense or WunderBrow before? How were the results for you? Leave a comment below to let me know what you thought!