We took our live show on the road again and stopped off at Heavenly Hands Spa in San Jose, California, for a chit-chat with the spa’s owner, Shakira Hardy. I wanted to focus on her detoxifying wraps and Skinny Tan services since bikini season is heading our way soon. I tried three sessions of the detoxifying wrap, and I was so excited about the results that I wanted to share it with our fans.

After a few laughs at my towel-wearing self on a live stream (thankful for sports bras and shorts), we discussed the perfect person for detox wraps, and how the treatment is perfect for those going to a big event, wedding, or just want to feel good in your skin. Shakira was only able to wrap my upper arm for filming purposes, but I could still feel the cream mixture working under the plastic wrap. Typically, she wraps both of my arms, stomach, and thighs, and I lay in a hotbed for one hour. The cream mixture feels minty and a little hot, but it is working to break up all the junk living under my skin.

We're doing a wellness spa day at Heavenly Hands Massage in San Jose, CA. Bay Area peeps stay tuned, there will be a special live giveaway! 💆🏻😌

Posted by Perfect365 on Wednesday, April 19, 2017

After the detox wrap is cut off of me (literally, and it feels like a dream when the air hits your skin), Shakira allows me to pat dry with a towel and get my skin ready for the Skinny Tan.

As an avid spray tanner, I think I’ve been converted to Skinny Tan! I didn’t like how traditional spray tan establishments spray the substance and do not offer a mask or anything to block the product from entering sinus passages. Finding a mass of brown spray tan in your nose a day later is not even cute! The tanning product is a warm golden tan color and develops in about 5 hours. It smells extremely good, and the body gloss product is applied every day to ensure your tan stays put and your skin is moisturized.

I’m definitely going back for another detox wrap, and I think every two or three weeks is good enough for me. Shakira can track my results with each visit, which is great for people like me who love data!

If you’re in the Bay Area, you’re in luck! Heavenly Hands is located near Santana Row in San Jose at 2901 Moorpark Ave. Suite #205, San Jose, CA, 95128. Give them a call at 408-490-4989 and schedule a service of your choice! For more information about services, check out their service menu here.