The Perfect365 Beauty Squad made the trek down to sunny Los Angeles to meet with Anna Sui Cosmetics’ national makeup artist Jocelyn Zayco. Jocelyn had a large collection of beautiful nail colors and decal designs from Anna Sui’s spring and summer 2017 collections–and we’re totally obsessed!


Host Krista McAulay and Jocelyn started the demo out with a beautiful lavender spring shade in N202 Orchid, which seems to be the hot color of the season, and we noted that the quality of the nail color is so great, that Krista only needed one coat of polish!

The polish wasn’t completely dry, but Krista was able to apply a coat of a pinkish lavender nail color that contained a bit of iridescent glitter called 201 Pink Lame. Applying it just on the tips gave it an ombre effect that was fairly easy to do. Anna Sui’s new Quick Dry Coat was lightly applied to the nails so that they were ready to receive the spring nail decals.

The decals were applied to the nails using tweezers, and then another coat of the Quick Dry Coat was applied to seal in the designs. For more staying power, go to your favorite nail salon and have them apply a UV gel top coat on the top.


The amazing pearlescent purple shade I203 from the Magical Aquarium nail collection was applied to the nails to start. Just as the spring polish performed, this formula and shade were rich enough so that only one coat was needed. The Quick Dry Coat was applied to prepare the nails for the glitter polish and summer decals.

Jocelyn showed us a new trick: Applying glitter polish to a sponge, then patting it on top of the nails. This way, more glitter is applied to the nail at once, instead of applying multiple coats. The Quick Dry Coat is again applied to seal in the glitter that we just laid down.

Krista’s favorite part of the demo was the seahorse and jellyfish nail decals! These blue and white decals are easy to apply and can give your nail look a total instant makeover. Using tweezers, Krista applied the decal, then used a nail file to buff away the excess around the edges of the nail. You can get creative with the metallic decals and add them on top of the full cover decals.

The final look was the metallic shell and bubbles decals that were placed on the thumb. Don’t forget the top coat so that it will last through your summer days ahead!

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