Survey Conducted By Poshly and Chic Studios Finds that 81% of Makeup Artists Want to Show Their Clients How a Makeup Look Would Look on Their Face Before Applying It

(NEW YORK – April 12, 2017) Perfect365®, the Webby-nominated, free try-on makeup and beauty platform loved by more than 80 million users that are leading the digital beauty evolution, today announced the results from a survey conducted by Poshly in collaboration with the ChicStudios Makeup School.

According to the survey of over 350 makeup artists, 81% of makeup artists would like to be able to offer their clients a preview of what a makeup look would look like on their face before applying it. These stats on digital beauty and several others were released today in the form of an infographic.

According to celebrity makeup artist, Kabuki, “digital makeup offers the opportunity to create a look for a client and get an idea of what it will look like before applying it to the face. Technology is opening up new avenues in makeup and endless possibilities to expose people to something new.”

The nature of makeup makes it impossible to try on without applying products to the face, making product returns a natural consequence. In fact, 42% of counter makeup artists report product returns as being the most frequent issue encountered. This has been an ongoing issue that the beauty industry has continued to grapple with. Advancements in face detection technology and the rapid development of digital beauty is evolving the beauty industry, making virtual try-on a viable solution.

“Digital beauty has become an integral part of our curriculum at ChicStudios. This generation of makeup artist students are extremely tech savvy and are looking for ways to promote themselves online and seeking out information on how to create an online presence.”  Said Amy Nicole, Owner/Director of ChicStudios.

About Perfect365

Perfect365 uses advanced Face Detection technology that allows for the most accurate virtual makeup placement possible, both on photos and in live video. As a result, any makeup design looks realistic because the app knows exactly where eyeshadow should be applied, how to contour the cheekbones, where to place eyeliner, and now even where to apply lashes.

The app has become the makeup and entertainment industries’ fully customizable digital platform, allowing users to try on looks from GSN’s hit TV show Skin Wars, Universal’s The Huntsman: Winter’s War, and Sony’s Pixels. Users also benefit from the app’s “try before you buy and apply” digital makeup looks from top brands including Sigma, Chella, celebrity makeup artist Susan Thompson’s eponymous label, Michelle Phan’s beauty box ipsy, and the fast-growing indie label Nudestix.

As a part of its commitment to building a leading beauty platform for consumers and businesses, Perfect365 seeks to actively engage in partnerships with beauty brands, retailers and artists. For more information about product partnership opportunities, please contact