I was browsing around a plastic surgeon’s Instagram (don’t ask!) just for the heck of it, and read their personal insight on certain celebrities and their little nips and tucks they may have received through the years to trick us into thinking they’re magical unicorns that never age. It makes perfect sense: If they do a small amount of dermal fillers here and there, it will look like they’re aging very gracefully. But some of us don’t believe in the knife and needle–we want to age gracefully, but still want to look good doing it. Lucky for us, skincare technology is advancing rapidly, and right now, in a lab in a far off land is a scientist developing an eye cream that diminishes wrinkles. (Please hurry!)

Drew Barrymore Hanacure Mask

@drewbarrymore Wearing the Hanacure Mask

For celebrities like Drew Barrymore, who recently claimed she’d never want to get fillers (but to talk to her in 10 years…) and only sticks with laser treatments and the mask she swears by: The Hanacure All-in-One Facial Mask. I was lucky enough to meet Drew in 2013, and I did notice her skin wasn’t pulled scary tight like some of the other celebrity gals I had met in the past. When I saw Drew’s Instagram post about the Hanacure mask, I was ready to purchase… but not yet. I figured that the Santa Clarita Diet star was wealthy enough to purchase nice things like luxury skincare, so I put it off until I saw one of my favorite Instagrammers @katiejanehughes on a live video discussing how wonderful the mask was.

Katie Jane Hughes after Hanacure Mask

@katiejanehughes After her Hanacure Mask treatment

Katie’s skin is something from another world–it is glowy, smooth, and perfect. This time, my wallet opened and the mask was purchased.


Like any new skincare I purchase, I always give it at least a month to work. This mask was a little different to review than most skincare, because it worked on the very first try.

I received the package about a week and a half after I ordered it. The ‘gelling packs’ and the ‘lifting serum ampoules’ were gorgeously packaged in the box along with an easy-to-follow instructional foldout. I opened the ampoule and poured it into the gel pack and shook it until it thickened. It reminded me of when I dye my mom’s hair blonde and the peroxide meets the dye–a thick gel formed and it was ready to be brushed on my face. The set comes with a nice flattop brush and it worked beautifully to spread the product around. It feels relaxing to apply and trust me, it feels expensive. I watched internet TV for about 30 minutes while the mask set, and I felt all kinds of sensations.

As the mask dried, I felt a very strong pulling sensation. It wasn’t as bad as my Aztec Clay Mask, but it pulled hard. My face looked and felt beyond stretched, and I didn’t worry since this is a familiar feeling. I rinsed the product off with warm water and there were a couple things I noticed right away: My face looked and felt very tight, my pores were almost gone, and I felt like I really looked 10 years younger (just like Drew said!). I showed my husband who said that I looked like I had Botox, which to me was a good thing. The tightening effect lasted until the next day, about midday, and my skin’s texture and tone still looked great for about a week. My first impression was love at first mask.

Hanacure Mask after 31 days

Hanacure Mask after 31 days — image from Hanacure.com

Did it work–heck yes. Does it work long-term? This I do not know yet. The directions explained that I need to use regularly to improve my skin, and there were plenty of before and after shots on the Hanacure site to help me get excited enough to continue to use it.

How often should you use it? The instructions mentioned that you should use the mask 2x per week to see good results, but that means spending $220 per month (two sets of four masks) to see dramatic results. To some, this is a great natural alternative to fillers and Botox, but in some ways could cost more than those treatments. The alternative use for these masks is to save them for a special occasion: weddings, birthdays, photo opportunities, teacher-parent conferences, dropping your kids off with the ex, you know where I’m going with this.

Hanacure Mask Review

From left to right: Me before Hanacure, during Hanacure mask treatment, after treatment was rinsed off, and after full makeup application.

My final thoughts: The Hanacure mask really went beyond my expectations. It is definitely the most dramatic skincare treatment I’ve done at-home to date. All of the claims that I’ve heard were true, and yes, people will notice a difference. The only negative experience I had was that I accidentally got the mask on my lips, and they dried out pretty bad for a few days, so I’ll be sure to steer clear of that area next time. Your face will be red immediately following the mask because of the blood rushing to the surface of your skin during the pulling sensation. I cannot capture in a photo the intense tightening and lifting that my skin experienced more than 24 hours after the mask. I plan on using the mask the day of our Facebook Live segments and before special events, but the price is a little steep for me to use a few times per week.

Cruelty-free beautyHanacure told me directly that they are cruelty-free! Very excited to learn that information.

To buy: Simply go to Hanacure.com and choose which mask pack you want. $29 for one mask, or four for $110.

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