Gigi Hadid Deep Side Part

Gigi Hadid / Getty Images

With 2016 a few days behind us, we can finally look ahead to a wonderful 2017 and a slew of amazing product launches in January. There have been so many predictions as to what will be big this year, but remember that it only takes one person to change an entire cosmetics industry (hello, Kylie Jenner!). With that in mind, we’re trying to stay focused on trends that we look forward to, and ones that won’t add too much effort into our current beauty routines.

Sit back and sip some tea while we take you through our most anticipated beauty trends for 2017!

Hair Trends for 2017

There is something timeless and classy about a deep side part–and it works on all different types of hair–wavy, straight, and wild. It’s easy to find where your part should be:  Imagine a line going straight through the arch of your brow up into your hair. Take a rat tail comb and use the handle to part your hair through that imaginary line. That’s pretty much it! Just make sure it is straight!

Kate Bosworth with beachy blonde hair

Kate Bosworth / Hollywood Life

It looks like a lot of bleach may be in our future. Beachy blonde hair, spotted at Alexander Wang’s runway show, is making beach waves across the internet as being a hot hair trend for 2017. This effortless look is not effortless to achieve if you do not have naturally blonde hair. We suggest having a professional bleach your hair to help minimize hair loss and scalp damage. Look for a reputable stylist in your area that uses Olaplex–a system that really keeps your hair in good condition during and after the bleaching process!

Jourdan Dunn Long Hair

Jourdan Dunn / Getty Images

Extreme lengths…we’re talking Cher hair. If we could turn back time, we would not have bleached our hair at home in 2014, because it is taking a really LONG time to grow our length back after that. Thank god for hair extensions! We’re seeing more celebs swinging long locks in recent months, and feel that the trend is going to explode in 2017.

Our favorite place to buy extensions? Irresistible Me makes beautiful clip-in hair extensions that go up to 24 inches in length!

Bangs in 2017

Image courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar YouTube Video

There’s one hair trend that we’re a bit scared of–bangs! Once you cut them, it takes years to grow them back out. It is quite the commitment. Luckily there are clip-in bangs to save our day! To show you how to properly cut and install your faux bangs, Harper’s Bazaar made a video tutorial to guide your way to bangin’ bangs.

Makeup Trends for 2017

Jason Wu red lips 2017

Red lips at Jason Wu

There’s always some form of a red lip hitting the runway during Fashion Week–but this year’s red lip is muy caliente! At Jason Wu’s runway show, models appeared with minimal (or no) eye makeup and bright red lips that leaned more on the orange side. Perfect for summer! Bold lip colors–in both matte and glossy–are going to be huuuuge.

Blue metallic lipsAnother lip trend that we’ve already tried, and still are swooning over–metallic lips! We were worried that the metallic trend would die, but in fact, it is blowing up bigger than last year. Very cool. We’re seeing very bold colors hitting the shelves: Blues, purples, greens.

Pink and yellow eyeshadowFor eyes, it is going to be a year of experimentation with color. Pink and yellow are going to be the big colors of the spring and summer season, and a very fresh and bright green has already been named the color of the year. Will you be bold enough to experiment with colorful eyeshadows? The twist to this year’s bold color trend is that either the eyes or the lips were bold–not at the same time. Pick your favorite feature and spice it up! Oh, and don’t forget the liquid eyeliner. The feline flick is still a staple in every day and glam looks.

cut-crease-eyeshadowWhat eye look is trending on Pinterest these days? The cut crease eye look. We had heard so many people say it was exiting out of the beauty trend world, yet here we are. It is a difficult look to achieve and it takes the right brushes and technique to master it. Once you do it right, you’ll feel super accomplished! Blend til you bleed!

As the trends start to gain momentum, we’ll keep you posted! To stay in the loop of the latest trends of beauty, follow us on Instagram.