We love YouTube as being a gateway to learning many things–including how to create the latest beauty trends–but what if you could chat with beauty experts in real-time as the tutorial is live-streaming? Well, we’re already doing it! Thanks to Facebook Live, the Perfect365 Beauty Squad can now demonstrate makeup looks, hairstyles, and a plethora of all things beauty in real-time.

We’ve recently live-streamed our resident Perfect365 Beauty Squad makeup artist and Facebook Live host, Krista McAulay (@kristadior333), demonstrating a look called Pumpkin Spice using our favorite colors of autumn, and just this past show she reviewed the Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario, a highly coveted eyeshadow palette created by Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist. During the live broadcast, Krista answers questions on the fly from viewers with queries that range from asking about the look she’s working on, or what her favorite brushes are to use. With 15 years in the beauty industry–both in retail sales and as a beauty editor at Yahoo–she has experience on several ends of the beauty world spectrum. In addition to having Krista onboard to host the segment, we plan to include Instagram beauty stars, YouTube gurus, skincare and hair experts, as well as other entertaining future guests.

Right before each live segment, the look from the tutorial is available to “try on” virtually in the Perfect365 mobile app. You can try on many different virtual looks by tapping on the Perfect365 icon on your mobile device, then tapping on “Explorer” on the bottom to open up a listing of our most recent artists’ looks. Hit the “Tap to Try” button and you can try different looks on with your live camera. Below the live camera try on section in the app, there is a full step-by-step tutorial with photographs as well as a written tutorial with products used.

The show, which runs about 40-45 minutes depending on the subject, offers the much-needed interaction between makeup experts and those in need of answers, tips, and inspiration. Each segment is uploaded to the Perfect365 YouTube channel for future viewing so you’ll be able to access your favorite videos at any time!

What would you like to see in future segments? What types of guests would you love to see? We’re listening! You can write a comment below, or tweet us @perfect365.