The upcoming fall hair color trends were railroaded by beauty influencer Kylie Jenner and her platinum blonde locks during NYFW S/S 2017. As we prepped our Pinterest pages for our stylists, we filled them with photos of dusty rose, terra cotta, and cinnamon red shades–until–the wrath of Kylie’s almost white locks stopped us in our tracks. Realistically, though, this color is unrealistic for most of us.

It would take hours of bleaching to even reach the orange stage, and then, we’d probably have to set up another appointment to get to the platinum stage. The products you’d end up buying to keep your ends from breaking off would amount to hundreds of dollars, and even then your ends would still ultimately make it on the bathroom floor after brushing. The fall hair color trends for 2016 have not exactly eased up a bit on the bleaching (flashing back to the pastel trend), so you’ll need to make sure to invest time and money into maintaining your color choice. Sit back and get our your wish list ready while you browse these fabulous hair color trends hitting fall.



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Just had to start this list off with our favorite hot color–dusty rose–also known as antique rose. If your hair is not already blonde, you will have to have it bleached quite light to pull off this almost pastel shade. Pro stylists describe this shade as a rose with a violet undertone, to give it the ‘dusty’ look as the name suggests. To get this color at a salon, you might want to call ahead to ask if they have experience doing these types of colors (check Yelp for ratings on salons in your area). We found a YouTube video of a woman who had her hair done at a Wella salon, and the result is gorgeous! Take a look below to see her journey to dusty rose hair color.



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Blonde with a little hint of tan in it equals beige blonde. This is an awesome color if you’re looking to do something a little different with your blonde shade for fall. But can everyone achieve this color? We don’t think so. We spoke with a local stylist Shawna Fields (@shawnafied) from Lather Salon in Newark, California about the science behind this lovely shade of blonde.

As for who is eligible for this color, you’ll need to take a look at your hair’s beginning state. “Depending on what the starting hair color level is (how dark) most people will need to use a decolorizer on the hair using a heavy amount of foil work lifting past the yellow stage while alternating with a high lift beige blonde, and following up with a glaze of heather blonde and clear to achieve these results,” says Fields.

We were right on our suspicions that you’d need to visit the salon several times if you had a darker base color. With all of the processing required on darker hair, you’ll need a consultation with a stylist to see if your hair is strong enough to undergo beige blonde.



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Blazing spicy red hair is always in season, but if you’re not yet a redhead, maybe fall is the time to morph. This pumpkin spice shade isn’t for everyone, so give the hair color a whirl using the Perfect365 app before committing!

We spoke to top stylist Terry DeMarco from Barberia Salon in Foster City, California about this color and how to achieve it. If you are starting from a darker base, you’ll need to have your hair pre-lightened before the red color is applied, but if you already have bleached blonde hair that is damaged from processing, you may not come out with an even look, and it may take several visits with a master colorist to achieve the color you want.

“To achieve this color at home, look for a highly pigmented professional strength color from a beauty supply store. For this intense copper tone, choose a shade with a red-gold base. If you have any serious hair color history, damage, or very dark hair, seek an experienced hair colorist for the first time. Red fades quicker and lingers on hair longer than other colors, so be prepared to commit to re-coloring hair more often than usual (4-5 weeks depending on your hair). Also be prepared to invest in color-pigmented shampoo & conditioner to maintain the vibrancy and evenness,” says DeMarco.


Rainbow and Unicorn Hair Color

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This highly-Instagrammed hair color trend is sweeping the universe–with swirls of My Little Pony-inspired colors, and our personal favorite; firey opal shades created with a pastel color palette. Getting this hair for yourself isn’t going to be easy unless you are already a pale blonde. Achieving the vibrancy of soft blues and greens requires hair that is bleached near platinum as a base.

Guy Tang is a crazy good stylist out in West Hollywood who is a master at melting bright hair colors together to create amazing rainbow hair.

You can also try on rainbow hair in the Perfect365 app! Launch the app and tap on “Photo Makeup” >>Choose or take a photo>>Scroll on the bottom menu all the way to the end and tap on “Hair”>>Choose “Hair Color”>>Tap on a rainbow hair color of choice.



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If you like this luscious hair color, you’re in luck–most people look great in this shade! The kick of this color are the dimensional highlights, which could be a color a few shades lighter, copper highlights, or even a slightly hot red color highlight that could be done with a semi-permanent color.

We asked stylist Shawna Fields at Lather Salon more about this yummy shade.

“The base color is a nice deep chocolate mocha with a violet/gold undertone. If there are no grays, a shiny demi-permanent color can be used for the base. Alternate highlights I’d suggest are a natural antique gold iridescent with a rich amber copper gold,” says Fields.

Although this color can be achieved with any color brand, Fields prefers to use Redken with Olaplex, and organic brand Oway.


Bronde Hair Fall 2016

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Bronde hair is exactly how it sounds–brown and blonde hair. This sultry hair color combo was big last year, and it is back for another round this fall. Since this year’s fall hairstyles are beckoning us to tuck away our flat irons for a while, this color combo looks fabulous on textured hair–wavy, curly, beachy–you get the picture.

We asked Antonia Cherolis at Barberia Salon in Foster City, California for some advice on this multi-toned hair color.

“To get this look, dark hair has to be lightened with a balayage technique and then toned and “melted” into the darker color. Dark virgin hair can take up to three times to get this level of blonde. Those starting with light hair need the top filled with the darker color and then blended/toned. It all depends on the hair color history and current hair color. Multi-colored hair, bright red, or black hair is going to take more work. Damaged hair, kinky and extremely curly hair aren’t recommended for this type of look. To get a natural, blended look like this takes expertise and should be done by someone who has specific experience in balayage or color melting. The hair is toned with ash or neutral to kill warm tones, or if vice-versa, a gold toner would be used, ” says Cherolis.

We spotted at-home kits for bronde hair, but after speaking to Antonia about this process, we’d probably skip doing this ourselves and consult a pro instead.

So, what’ll it be? Will you dare to choose dusty rose or unicorn hair? Or will you go for the sassy bronde look?

Don’t forget you can try these hair color shades on in the Perfect365 app! Launch the app and tap on “Photo Makeup” >> Choose or take a photo >> Scroll on the bottom menu all the way to the end and tap on “Hair” >> Choose “Hair Color” >> Tap on the hair color icons to try on the color of choice.

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