Celebrity designers invite 80 million digital makeup enthusiasts to their runways, allow them to try on beauty looks in real time with Perfect365

(Fremont, CA – September 26, 2016) Perfect365®, the free makeup and beauty app loved by celebrities and more than 80 million users, played an integral role in September’s New York Fashion Week, allowing users to try on the high-fashion makeup looks from the runways instantly on their phones. Using industry-leading technology, Perfect365 digitized runway makeup looks from creative powerhouses The Blonds, Leanne Marshall and Laurel DeWitt and made them available in the app for users to try on using virtual makeup.

For fashion and makeup enthusiasts, September is all about what’s new on the runways. In addition to amazingly creative high-fashion looks, makeup has taken center stage at Fashion Week in New York.

Celebrity designers like The Blonds, Laurel DeWitt and Leanne Marshall, along with dozens of other Fashion Week designers work with the top makeup artists in the industry to design and execute runway looks that complement their collections and will strongly influence beauty trends for the coming year. Perfect365 allows users to try on looks in the app in real time using a photo selfie.

“The power of makeup and the beauty look…what it does for the collection is everything,” said designer Leanne Marshall. “Everything needs to be digital, and having the makeup look readily available so that our customer is able to try it and experiment with it…it makes it so much more interactive, and a great experience.”

“Perfect365 is the perfect thing because it brings our look to everyone,” said David Blond, Creative Director, The Blonds. “Typically it’s only the models that get to try out the full look, and this season everybody is going to get a chance and an opportunity to feel like a Blond.”

Designer Laurel DeWitt agrees. “It’s a very special moment that only industry insiders can experience, but with Perfect365 we’re letting our users experience that, and experience wearing fancy makeup, the Beyoncé crown, my finale crown from last season,” she said. “It makes it really interactive, and lets everyone be a queen for a day.”

Perfect365 is one-of-a-kind because it uses advanced Face Detection technology that allows for the most accurate virtual makeup placement possible, both on photos and in live video. As a result, any makeup design looks realistic because the app knows exactly where eyeshadow should be applied, how to contour the cheekbones and even where to place eyeliner. With more than 200 one-tap makeup looks, over 20 customizable makeup and tweaking tools, Style it! clothing and accessory recommendations, and step-by-step tutorials for recreating looks in real-life, Perfect365 has become the go-to app for selfie, makeup and fashion enthusiasts around the world.

The app has become the makeup and entertainment industries’ fully customizable digital platform, allowing users to try on looks from GSN’s hit TV show Skin Wars, Universal’s The Huntsman: Winter’s War, and Sony’s Pixels. Users also benefit from the app’s “try before you buy and apply” digital makeup looks from top brands including rising indie brand Naked Cosmetics, celebrity makeup artist Susan Thompson’s eponymous label, Michelle Phan’s beauty box ipsy, Sigma Beauty, Chella, and the fast-growing label Nudestix.

As a part of its commitment to building a leading beauty platform for consumers and businesses, Perfect365 seeks to actively engage in partnerships with beauty brands, retailers and artists. For more information about product partnership opportunities, please contact bd@perfect365.com.