Here at the Beauty Squad, we have to try on a lot of makeup products to understand current beauty trends and to fuel our creativity for new looks and ideas (such a hard job, we know). So we decided that if we’re trying on endless swatches and admiring the pretty colors, we should at least share some insight and give honest opinions on beauty products ranging from cult favorites to unexpected finds. There will be more beauty review posts coming, so if you have any requests, please let us know!

NYX Full Throttle Eye Shadow Palette- Take Over Control


NYX is known for having great quality products for prices that are easily affordable. We were able to get our hands on NYX’s Full Throttle Eye Shadow Palette in Take Over Control. Full Throttle is a pretty four shadow palette that comes in 8 different combinations of shades (and they’re only $10!!). This one contains 3 shimmers and 1 matte shade. On the NYX website, the colors are described as (there are no individual names for the shadows; from left to right)- pale pink with gold shimmer, matte muted mauve, shimmery pearl black, and shimmery deep copper.

Here are the swatches below in natural lighting.


The pink definitely has gold shimmer in it (a bit hard to tell in the picture but it’s very obvious in real life), creating a beautiful champagne pink gold color.

The matte mauve looks a lot like a stone grey color in the pan, but once it’s swatched on, it’s a stunning mauve. This is the definition of a perfect matte mauve with muted shades of grey purple tones.

The shimmer pearl black is surprising because you honestly can’t tell that it was shimmery, both in the pan and after application. It looks much more like a matte black if anything.

The copper color is so gorgeous especially with the shimmer, it’s reminiscent of a shiny copper penny. This would definitely be flattering on a wide range of skin tones.

All of the shadows are highly pigmented and are versatile enough to create a variety of looks, from a subtle daytime look to full out nighttime smoky. For the packaging, the shadows come in a standard small black case with a clear case on the top. The opening is also standard where you just pull open the top lid and when closing it shut, it’ll make a “click” sound. What’s interesting about it is that around the edges at the top there are ridged triangles to give it a more edgy and textured feel. It can either be a cool decoration to add to your beauty collection or it can be a slight nuisance, depending on your perspective.

However, if there’s one minor gripe about this, it’s that the texture of the shadows don’t feel very smooth when doing swatches (in comparison to how Urban Decay shadows are always so smooth and apply seamlessly). You can even see how there are slight clumps in the swatch picture and each one felt slightly chalky. But (!), there is no clumping or chalky feeling once applied on the eyelids. It goes on quite easily and there’s only a little bit of fallout, especially from the copper shimmer color.

Overall, the colors are beautiful and highly pigmented and you can definitely create a wide variety of fun looks. And honestly, it’s only $10 so it’s definitely worth it.

Blog rating - 4.5 blushes_smaller
4.5 blushes out of 5 from the Beauty Squad!

If you have this palette or the other palettes from this collection, let us know in the comments! Which one is your favorite? Which one would you like to get your hands on?