It’s heeere!!

We’ve been working hard on a new project, and it’s been SO hard to keep it from you all. But now we can finally announce…the Perfect365 Explorer Community is here!

In this new section of the app (find it by tapping the compass icon at the bottom of the home page) you can browse through looks created by actual influential makeup artists like Victoria Lyn Beauty, Carol Lago, Makeup by NatX, Adele Valencia, Faces by Alexis, Ashley Blue Def, Mayra, Tiffany Tong, and more.

You’ll be able to…

Explorer blog post imageYou can also tap “fave” on your favorite styles to save them for later.

This is huge for us, and for our users. As we keep pushing the limits of digital beauty, we want to give makeup artists direct access to their fans. And of course their fans want to be able to try the amazing looks they see in video tutorials right away! Explorer creates that community, and also lets artists share their own personal makeup tips and favorite products where their fans can find them. All in one place.

Explorer, just like Perfect365, is FREE. Crazy, right? See you there!

xoxo, Beauty Squad

Download Perfect365 here, then tap the compass icon at the bottom to launch Explorer!

Here’s a demo:

[wpvideo k3eDzoVE]

Explorer is only available on iOS for now, and will be coming SOON for Android. It is only available for English-speaking versions of the app.