We at the Perfect365 Beauty Squad are so excited to be connecting and getting to know our readers and users! In between our usual posts, we’ll be running a series of mini Q&As so you can get to know us a little better too. Our first Squad member playing 20 questions is Monica, our resident expert on winged eyeliner, Snapchat and all things K-Pop.

Monica blog post

Beauty Squad: Hey Monica! Describe your signature style in 5 words or less.
Monica: Lazy Korean Librarian

Beauty Squad: What’s your favorite Perfect365 look?
Monica: I love the Mergoddess look by artist Victoria Lyn. It’s so pretty, and it looks amazing on every skin tone!

Beauty Squad: Any current trends you’re scared to try, but kind of wish you could?
Monica: Ooh, rainbow highlighting. It looks amazing, but I think it’s too intense for me. I’m definitely getting some metallic liquid lipstick soon though!

Beauty Squad: Where’s the best place you’ve ever been on vacation?
Monica: Definitely Barcelona. The food is delicious, and the architecture is so stunning. And every person there was beautiful! Tourists, Barcelonans…everyone. There must be something in the water.

Beauty Squad: Any place you’re dying to visit?
Monica: Japan. The food, the culture, and the quirky things you can find there like cat and owl cafes! I also have friends there that I would love to visit.

Beauty Squad: If you could only use one makeup product for the rest of your life, what would you pick?
Monica: Milani liquid eyeliner. It doesn’t come off in water, and doesn’t even come off after washing your face! That would last through anything life threw at me.

Beauty Squad: Favorite color?
Monica: It’s a tie between blue and black.

Beauty Squad: Do you have any hidden talents?
Monica: Hip hop and K-Pop dancing – I do my own choreography!

Beauty Squad: What past style are you excited to see come back?
Monica: Skinny jeans, all the way.

Beauty Squad: And what’s one you wish would just go away already?
Monica: Body contouring. I mean, come on.

Beauty Squad: If you could pick any artist to design a look for Perfect365, who would it be?
Monica: Ooo. Jenn Im, from Clothes Encounters. She has the coolest, most original style.

Beauty Squad: What’s your guilty pleasure?
Monica: Buying way more makeup than I need.

Beauty Squad: Favorite flavor of pie?
Monica: Lemon Meringue

Beauty Squad: Top 3 favorite makeup brands?
Monica: Mac – everything they do is great. Brushes, eyeshadows, highlighter, everything. Urban Decay – I love that both their neutrals and wild colors are fantastic. And Hourglass! They have amazing foundation and primer, and their highlighter just makes you GLOW, but softly, like you’re glowing from within.

Beauty Squad: What’s the worst fashion faux pas you’ve made?
Monica: Well, I wore a lot of Hot Topic t-shirts in middle school. You know the one…”everyone is unique, just like everyone else.” And then there were the days of high-water khakis with GREEN high-top Converse. Classic.

Beauty Squad: Chunky or smooth peanut butter?
Monica: Chunky.

Beauty Squad: Do you have any style staples?
Monica: I freaking love colorful, unique socks. My favorites are my “small French fry” socks – covered in French fries, with an S! People get so excited when they figure it out.

Beauty Squad: Your alarm doesn’t go off in the morning, and you realize you have 10 minutes to get ready. What do you do?
Monica: Brush teeth and wash my face, and multitask that while getting dressed. Then put on sunscreen, do my eyebrows, and slap on some lip balm. If I have 15 minutes instead of 10, I’ll do my cat-eye eyeliner!

Beauty Squad: Do you have a style icon?
Monica: I just wanna be chic, man.

Beauty Squad: Last question – what do you want to be when you grow up?
Monica: Happy. 🙂

Any other questions you’re burning to ask our Beauty Squad? Leave them in the comments!