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5 fall 2017 beauty looks and trends we are falling for

Fall beauty looks and trends for 2017

Imagine yourself swimming in all of the fall metallics of the season, emerging like a mermaid into a pile of crisp leaves while you grab a pumpkin spice latte…ok, that was a little dramatic, but that is how we are feeling about fall right about now. Seeing the fall makeup lineup at our favorite stores makes…

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Moonplay Cosmetics Stroboscope Hyper-flash Powder review

Moonplay Cosmetics

Brands seem to launch new highlighters every single day, but once in a blue moon do I flip out like the way I did over this. I received all four “orbing” powders neatly in a black shipping box from Jessica Camper, owner, and creator of Moonplay Cosmetics. I didn’t quite know what to expect from…

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I tried eyebrow stamps for a week–here’s what happened

Brow Stamp Madness

Some people are born with them. Some people aren’t born with them. Some people lived through the 1990’s thin brow era ala Drew Barrymore and Pam Anderson. I was born with thick Brooke Shields eyebrows and I hated them. Why? Because fashion. Brow trends shifted quickly from bushy caterpillars to almost nothing– the thinnest rounded brows…

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Armani Beauty Lipstick Giveaway: Mom & Me

Do you and your mom love to shop for makeup at department stores together? Picking out the perfect lipstick shade with mom can be fun–and winning lipstick for you and mom–even better! Enter you and your mom to win one of five Armani Beauty lipstick shades–each shade matches a different mom type. Whether your mom…

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LipSense review of Blu-Red long-wear lipstick with gloss

Let’s be honest for a minute: What are your daily beauty struggles? Mine? I prayed to the makeup gods that my eyebrow products would never smear and that I could wear red lipstick without finding it all over my face after lunch. No joke, I once found red lipstick remnants all over the interior of…

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