Perfect365 PRO

Spooky Halloween makeup looks now available in Perfect365

Claire Inspirations Pretty Clown look for Halloween 2017

Digital makeup has come a long way from just adding lipstick and eyelashes with your smartphone. With tech’s latest advancements in virtual makeup, you can now try on detailed Halloween makeup looks before you attempt to try the real thing. Last year, we had a full haunted house of Halloween makeup looks, and this year we pushed…

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The End to Paper Face Charts: Makeup Artists Go Digital

Gucci Westman NYFW S/S 2018

Most makeup artists are familiar with the archaic paper face charts, which until now were the primary way to develop makeup looks for clients. For those who aren’t familiar, a face chart literally looks like an illustrated outline of the face on a piece of paper. We launched Perfect365 PRO to put an end to…

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