Beauty trends that are hot for spring 2018

Bold bright eyeshadow for spring 2018

Spring 2018 is just around the corner, which means it’s time to revamp your look with new makeup trends! If we’re talking about beauty trends, we like to look to the runways to see what’s in for the spring trend report. From clumpy, Twiggy-inspired lashes to ultra-glossy lips, the NYFW showcased a variety of unforgettable…

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How to add essential oils to your skincare routine

How to use essential oils in your skincare

Why not change things up this season and take your skincare routine to the next level with all-natural essential oils? These small, yet effective bottles of essential oils are able to solve everything from dry, flaky skin to fine lines and excess sebum. All you have to do is add a few drops into your favorite moisturizer, serum or facial oils, and you’ll start seeing…

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The best new beauty products to come in early 2018

I’m barely ripping into the packaging of all the beauty gifts I received this year–and we’re talking A LOT of makeup thanks to my friends who know exactly what’s on my list. We all know 2017 had a ton of new beauty to offer us, and the credit card statements are still haunting me from…

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How to fight acne the natural way

Fight acne naturally

Acne is one of the most stubborn skin conditions you can deal with on a daily basis. Not only is it caused by hormonal acne which can start because of puberty, but it can also be brought on by other hormonal imbalances when you reach middle-age, or it can be a result of cystic acne…

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6 multitasking beauty products you need now

Multitasking beauty products

We’ve all been there–after hitting the snooze button too many times and you only have about fifteen minutes to get ready. Pro or not, it’s nearly impossible to create a flawless face in that short amount of time, unless you have the right kind of products in your makeup bag. And by the right kind…

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How to choose the perfect red lipstick for the holidays

How to find the perfect red lipstick

Red. A classic color of beauty, passion, and desire. It is a color that we often turn to enhance our appearance, attract lovers, and create a sense of power and authority. Red is a color that cannot be ignored and like fire, it can inspire action and draw attention to you when you want to…

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Top 10 beauty gifts Perfect365 users want for the holidays

Top 10 Beauty Gifts for the Holidays 2017

Over the past two months, we’ve been goo-goo ga-ga over all of the holiday beauty releases from our go-to brands like Huda Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics. Now that we’ve nearly filled our vanities with beauty sets that we bought for ourselves, it is time to start thinking about others. To find out what the hottest…

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How to relieve stress naturally during the holiday rush

Stress relief naturally

With the holiday season madness upon us, there’s no question that the season can cause stress in our lives. It can affect our health, performance, and appearance in a negative way if we let it take over. Luckily there are many ways to come back to balance and lower stress. Here, I would like to…

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NARS Cosmetics Rockin’ Winter makeup tutorial

While I was in search of the perfect milky Barbie pink lip product, I remember stumbling across NARS Cosmetics Turkish Delight gloss and reveled in its perfection. This purchase sparked my interest in the brand, where I ended up becoming a fan of the iconic Orgasm blush, Laguna bronzer, and the untouchable Velvet Matte Lip…

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